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Implications & Conclusions

This is a summary of 70 bullet points & the draft conclusion 
chapter of my book that needs the right kind of editor to do 
it justice and help make it an ebook. It needs to be looked 
at for structural form and journalistic style. If the subject 
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70 summary bullet points:
Planets in the solar system has changed order 
Titan & other satellites have disrupted the Earth in the historical past 
The standard model is sound when unencumbered by G & the God Particle 
G or gravity is not universal nor does non-charged mass attract mass 
The Cosmos is QM quantum mechanical and stars pop in and out of space 
The Moon's face and phase (orbit) has changed in historic times 
Earth's daily rotation and orbit has changed in historic times 
Mass is a volume of charge and charge is light 
Man is a processor of ideas and processes known lies 
Photon flows cause electricity and not electrons 
The shape of things in space is created by charged plasma 
Man's vision is a reconstruction based on beliefs and is illusionary 
The darkness of night is a mass illusion 
Man can alter physical matter by conscious mental intention 
Manufacturing is an endeavor of the highest spiritual level 
Signals from the cosmos controls & alters DNA 
The purpose of the bureau of establishment science is to keep science
stable & focused on its consensus worldview based on known false ideas 
Denying fact is a perfectly acceptable action by the establishment 
Education makes accepting the authority of the bureau of establishment 
science decisions a required norm 
The function of the brain mirrors the Bureau of Lies 
Everything in the cosmos is interconnected to everything else 
Bayes' Theorem is not used because it solves problems 
Symbolic logic using twelve symbols is sufficient to create both an 
effective & working divination formula & device 
The ego is a human construct and can be uncreated or let go of 
Man has racial memories of times before the Moon 
Memories are reconstructions triggered by events and not stored whole 
Church functions (talents) like an ant (cast) colony 
Lone wolves can become those that game the system for personal benefit. 
No civilization has found a way to get rid of its gamers except by 
dividing them against themselves. 
Jesus has been on the Earth since late 2012 CE and people do not see him 
because of their unbelief
The Moon has 3 actual origins, which is possible because the cosmos is 
composed of multiple planes of existence 
All naturally formed bodies are hollow
The main ratio of planetary masses 1:18 also represents the value of the 
total mass (volume of charge) in the universe given in Newton's formula 
The Third Law of Kepler (P^2=D^3) represents the ratio of two planet 
orbits & Distances compared to each other and it is also clear that 
Kepler's (D)istance is equal to 2 average mean distances from the Sun and 
not 1 as used wrongly in physics by the acceleration formula of a=v^2/r 
Truth is not valued above the establishment's consensus worldview 
Quanta is a cycle of waves 
The universe is made up of 3 connected eggs 
The Sun and the Earth are only 100 million years old 
The Deluge occurred in 36,357 BCE 
The Mahabharata War occurred in 3,156 BCE 
The reduction of the Earth's age to 100 million years falsifies the 
theory of Evolution 
The brain is not the place where intelligence is created 
The Principle is the cause of failure of a school and not teachers 
Tests are only useful for teachers to know student retention 
Pre-selecting skills or talents as being of greater value than other 
skills and talents, even if harder to measure, on tests is nonsense 
The past & present planetary order in our solar system represents man's 
psychic history where physical dislocations are not spiritually true 
Titan is Paradise and Earth is not man's planet of origin 
One of Earth's past position was on the dark side of Saturn the night sun 
Meditation can bring back harmony to man and the PC solar system 
There are energy technics of spiritual discipline that can de-energize 
negative energy & patterns in man taught by CDM 
You can protect yourself by vocally invoking spiritual protections from 
God by giving God, God's allies & angels, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit 
permission to intercede on your behalf 
Stars support man's ways of thinking and fall like rain when man changes 
fundamentally his mindset 
Velikovsky was correct that Egyptian New Kingdom chronology was 5 1/2 
centuries too early 
King lists start in 3398 BCE all over the world 
The Great Pyramid Complex began being built in 10,490 BCE 
The K-T event in geology occurred 3.2 million years ago 
The atmosphere of Mars was stripped away which was observed 
Travel from Paradise to Mars was possible and done for burials 
Earth's non-native atmosphere afflicts man's thinking backwards 
Past hate energy built up in the atmosphere influences man's behavior 
An elder that alters their own belief system also changes their young's 
past experiences based on those old beliefs and opens a new future 
based on the new beliefs that replaced the old 
Laughter is infectious and should be allowed to take over the world 
Fear must and will be driven out of existence 
No evidence has any power to change the consensus worldview of the 
establishment's bureau of science 
Charged plasma physics is the reality in space while gravity models 
completely fail to predict or model any of the existing forms 
E=mc^2 can be replace by E=m2r where r is the radius of the universe 
Quasars are nested in active galaxies 
Galaxies are homopolar motors driven by galactic Birkland currents 
Life energy on planets cause solar flares 
Racism is caused by humans not wanting to change the social system and 
only wanting to change sides of who gets treated as second class 
Consensus science is authoritarian and completely political 

Implications & Conclusions
Half of the planets of our solar system including the Earth have changed 
their formative order. During the chaos event that ended the Polar 
Configuration (PC) of our solar system at the beginning of Earth's 
Cenozoic Era (K-T event) 3.2 million years ago, Earth experienced a 
sudden change in orbital distance and period, incline to the Sun, axis 
tilt, and rotation. Afterwards at least four naturally formed satellites 
began orbiting the Sun like comets crossing planetary orbits and 
occasionally other satellites around their primaries. Two lost satellites 
orbited in T & V cycles and at times disturbed Earth's distance from the 
Sun, axis tilt, and rotation rate. The ancients offer eyewitness accounts 
of these celestial bodies calling them Venus and Mars. The ancients may 
have meant only Venus and Mars `like' after the mythic age. Moreover, the 
record of nature corroborates the same two main cycles and other minor 
cycles. The master dendrochronology indicates close Earth encounter 
events Before the Common Era (BCE) on:  
      2812, 2255, 2249, 1622, 1530, 1529 1078, 1060, 868, 143, 122, 37
Common Era (CE) events on:
      249, 410, 535, 539, 913, 1487, 1547, 1568, 1577, 1755, and others 
Before the Common Era (BCE) syncs of the master dendrochronology are off 
at 1159 and 1141 for the 1078 and 1060 events. Calendar changes (Mayan) 
are put at -2840 and -1558 (Nancy K. Owen 1992). However, the correct 
syncs are at 2812 BCE and 1530 BCE events. The ancient histories also 
have the same internal cycles of disturbances. The internal cycles match 
independent systems. Cycles T & V are proved. Close interplanetary plasma 
exchanges and interactions of significant extraterrestrial bodies predict 
years long plasma generate aftereffects that would be very unlikely to 
not have been recorded in some way by man. Dr. Peratt has proved that 
ancient petroglyphs and pictographs found everywhere around the world are 
recordings of the dynamics of planetary plasma discharges. Knowledge of 
the shape of these plasma discharges in the lab matching the petroglyphs 
did not exist until recent decades. The minor cycles match the Great 
Comets in the literature of smaller less significant bodies such as 
"cometa". Both mythic and historical events in the literature are 
supported in the natural records by the same pattern of cycles. 
Scotland's forts and others worldwide were struck and vitrified by 
interplanetary thunderbolts. The Deluge was an actual event, which is 
evidenced by the Pleistocene boundary. The boundary also includes the 
first of three historically remembered polar reversals. The date of 
record for the Deluge is 36,358 BCE 2nd month 17th day. Records of the 
appearance of a comet from the constellation Pisces for this event are 
also extant [1]. The last polar reversal of the Earth occurred in the 
days of Joshua (summer 1410 BCE) while the mid polar reversal likely 
occurred in the days of Abraham by the Sodom & Gomorrah event (2045 BCE). 
The tree line in Northern Russia moved south 200 miles (320 km) in the 
late 15th century CE [2] where the tree ring growths end (1486) after the 
1487 CE tree killing event. The sudden death by freezing of the so called 
ancient `prehistory' trees of Axel Heiberg Island could very well match 
Common Era tree killing events, like 1487 CE, if anyone had the courage 
to attempt very late matches of these tree rings to the master tree ring 
(dendro) chronology. The latest ice age covering Greenland began only 5 
centuries ago after the 1487 event of the Common Era. Greenland was 
without an ice covering before then as indicated by the Piri Reis map 
(1513 CE). The Greenland ice cores are an average depth of 4,000 feet. At 
a very conservative annual snow falls that compacted to 7 feet, it only 
takes 5 to 6 centuries to accomplish the present depth. For those that 
would point to the chronology that has been produced by the ice core it 
would be well to consider the true arbitrary nature of visually counting 
ice layers. Do layers represent years or the number of snow falls that 
occur? These layers are not easily counted like fixed tree rings. 
Different number counts are generated. However, necessitated limited 
direct access allows for greater unconscious manipulations and 
intellectual phase locking which accounts for the matches. 
On the 23rd of August 1547 the Moon was disturbed in its orbit by Titan so
that the Moon phases of New and Full Moon counts switched positions from
previous counts. Only a natural celestial body of significant mass could
perform such an action on the Moon. However, the gravity model cannot
explain how the Moon, after having been so disturbed, regained its average
orbital distance from the Earth within days. Moreover, the near or
instantaneous nature of Earth gravity suggests that it is only a local
phenomenon of the atmosphere and not a universal constant. Only a dynamic
function in space such as a twin cell double layer negative pressure 
vortex, like the center of a hurricane, could stabilize disturbed orbits
back into previous stable paths and do it that quickly. The brain shows
the same double cell structure as all things even the Earth. The dynamic
of a vortex twin cell double layer negative pressure center encompassed 
by a hollow ball lightning Sun of 5 Earth masses with an ion current in a 
plasma z-pinch within would explain the stability of the planetary orbits 
in the face of cyclical disruptions in the solar system by natural 
satellites. Whole regions of the Suns surface have disappeared showing 
only black because it is showing the hollow inside of a ball of 
lightning. Comet Lovejoy went thru the Sun proper in 2011 December 
16th without slowing down. It might be counter intuitive to think in 
terms of replacing a concept of mass attraction for one of a negative 
pressure vortex, but the dynamics of such a vortex use the same ballistic 
mathematics in calculating for the paths of rockets in space. Moreover, 
mass is simply a volume of charge. Density in the meaning of solidity is 
purely an illusion as Max Plank proved. Solidity is a worldly practical 
reality caused by the attractive & repulsive forces of mass. 
Since man did not record clearly the outcome of the 1547 near Earth 
encounter, it indicates that man failed to overcome the psychological 
barriers of confronting this kind of reality. Near Earth encounters are 
too traumatic for man to process all at once. Man's automatic defense 
mechanism forgets the entire episode and splinters the concept and 
unconsciously processes the splintered parts. Man processes tiny 
fragments repetitively like religious rituals until all the parts are 
completed. Only in the last stage can man face the episode as a reality. 
Man processes unconsciously known falsehoods because doing so puts limits 
on how the processing can be achieved. Limits force the imagination to be 
more fully utilized, which requires greater use of the third outer brain 
and its wiring and rewiring. However, man can process ad infinitum and 
never allow him to become aware of what he is about. It takes the 
trickster mind of man to awaken himself to change course. The same 
unconscious fragmentation and processing of known falsehoods is performed 
by man in consensus science for their worldview and large frame modeling 
of a dead gravity (no current) universe. In other words man is aware that 
his science constructs are false. The deepest levels of the unconscious 
are being utilized to process false gravity models. It is the business 
and purpose of the bureaucracy to enforce continuance in processing the 
protected idea or concept until the spiritual purpose of the social 
lesson has been fully achieved. 
Consensus science's Aristotelian physics, gravity, is unconsciously 
trying to prove as self-evident that mass attracts mass even tho it 
breaks Newton's 3rd law. Air in a room does not clump together but 
actively bumps into each other just like Newton said they would and the 
gas laws agree. However, consensus science will never measure the value 
of gravity from anywhere except Earth and simply assume that gravity is 
the one and *only significant force in the entire universe. Living mass 
is attracted to living mass because cells are self-organizing double 
layer bio systems with mini lightning. However, nonliving mass like horse 
hooves are not attracted to each other. This can be proved as long as 
dead mass is not put in an environment that generates a charged field 
around it as dead hair does. 
In the long run processing known false ideas will succeed in getting to 
awareness, which is the way man's mind is hard wired to perform. Man that 
simply loses all interested in thinking and spending time on things man 
believes has already been figured out. Until man's present spiritual 
purpose for the gravity model is processed sufficiently by mankind the 
mathematics of mass accumulation by accretion discs for galaxy, star, and 
planetary solar system formation will continue to fail spectacularly. 
They must fail because they oppose Newton's Third Law. However, consensus 
science will continue to add odd add-ons to their failing models even 
when this is completely out of symmetry with the Standard Model. They 
will continue to use unknowable forces defined as unobservable (ad havoc 
fairy dust) or gravity models that `push' the numbers toward the `right' 
result. In fact both gravity (G) and the Higgs boson, the so called God 
particle, are not derived from the Standard Model and are themselves 
useless odd add-ons that humans `feel' the need to have in order to make 
sense of our universe. The God particle is something we must have to give 
nonphysical wave functions solidity. However, the Standard Model is 
telling us that the universe is nonphysical. Solidity or density is only 
referential and relative by comparison to each another. Ice is solid 
compared to water even tho only temperature separates them. In truth 
everything without exception is in vibrational motion and not truly 
solid. The photon and not the electron define mass and charge. Charge is 
a vibration of light. 
Gases under the influence of gravity come into equilibrium by bumping off 
each other just as Newton's Third Law states that every action has an 
equal and opposite reaction. However, gases in a room never self-organize 
and develop into larger clumping's or into the known structures of the 
universe. Moreover, charged plasma that makes up over 99% of the mass of 
the observable universe does form into self-organizing forms of the known 
structures of the universe in the lab which scale. Scaling means they do 
not lose the form they have in the lab as the structure goes up to the 
size they represent in the universe. Unfortunately for the accepted 
gravity model "...the plasma itself refused to believe ..." [3] the gas 
laws and gravity. 
Man is in denial of his past traumatic history. The defense is based 
mainly on a refusal to accept theory without first knowing an agent that 
is acceptable. However, evidence of end results is more than sufficient. 
Earth's changed *historical topography and mountain elevations demand it. 
It simply does not matter what the causal agents were or have been. 
Ultimately, it makes no difference as to whether the causes were planets, 
satellites, asteroids, comets, dust, currents, or whatever. The real 
failure has been in not dealing with these fundamental psychic issues, 
which only delays and stunts the development of a science that is devoid 
of known false premises. Until these issues are dealt with properly they 
will continue to generate intentional self-confusion and denial directly 
in the face of the obvious. Insanity continues to lock out legitimate 
alternative views and concepts. Let there be no question. Sanity is what 
is at stake. However, despite undeniable proofs of cyclical end results 
of Earth near encounters astronomers will reject Vulcan as real. 
Astronomers must as their unchanging worldview requires that they see or 
find Vulcan in their telescopes and machines. Present gravitational 
theory holds that such encounters would throw both bodies out of the 
planetary solar system in the first place. Moreover, astronomers actually 
believe that truth only comes from sources outside of themselves and not 
their minds. They fail because man only perceives what he wants to or has 
prepared himself to accept. Only an open and changing (healing) mind can 
find such bodies when they pop in and out of the universe. Stars and 
bodies blink in and out (SCP 06F6) of the macro universe because the 
universe is quantum mechanical (QM) with absolutely no difference between 
the macro and the micro universe. The universe is fully conscious and 
stars move from one end of the cosmos to the other without breaking the 
Pauli Exclusion Principle by consciously transferring their unique energy 
level to another quadrant coordinate. Long periods without regular 
sunlight have been recorded in the chronicles. A Portuguese historian 
states that in the year 934 ordinary sunlight was lost for several 
months. Afterwards, "an opening in the sky took place, with many flashes 
of lightning, and the full blaze of sunshine was suddenly restored" [4]. 
Stars blink in and out in a chaotic manner without order. When a new age 
of consciousness (human) occurs the stars fall down like rain, which has 
been observed and recorded in human history repeatedly. The Bible gives 
future occurrences to come. Stars orientate themselves into strings, like 
the Babylonian GU texts of astronomy, to reinforce man's ways of thinking 
and mindset. 
What is seemingly stable and orderly in star patterns is simply the need 
of the body and fearful minds unwilling to stand fearlessly on nothing 
(no order) by creating a mass unconscious agreed upon pattern of relative 
inaction of slow predictable motions. This can all seem absurd. However, 
it is already a known fact that man functions in this manner. The mind 
reorients and manipulates what the eyes observe based on personal 
beliefs. Man is a mass unconscious hallucinating machine. What man deems 
important is what man focuses on. Light from the Sun is the truth and 
there is no darkness around us at all. Night is a mass illusion and 
exists only because man wants to focus on stars and his darker self for 
healing. Moreover, astronomers are center minded preferring to observe 
directly in front where the manipulation holds while distrusting edge 
viewing as unreliable. Astronomers and everyone project star positions 
from previous days upon their own minds and photographs. However, they do 
not all see the same stars. Some astronomers have never seen stars that 
others always have. Minds also put false patterns in star regions that 
astronomers place inordinate importance on rather than actual star 
patterns. Moreover, the very definition of sanity for what is realness 
(density of matter) used by society is based on an unconscious need of 
the body to feel safe and orientated upon `solid ground'. The truth that 
man stands on nothing is a fact that only the mentally strong can come to 
grips with. Intentions and beliefs determine outcomes. Computer internal 
computations are altered by the agency of biological generated current. 
GenSilver states the number pi repeats. A truly mechanical counter being 
filmed or hand written output into the millions will bear this out. What 
this all means is that only a person who meditates daily to undo any and 
all false beliefs and issues has any chance to ever see or experience 
truth for only an utterly fearless individual, willing to die for truth, 
is worthy of it. 
Man projects his beliefs onto the universe and his observations make no 
distinction between projections and true phenomena making certainty in 
the physical universe unobtainable. Man's quest for material certainty in 
this world is vain. Only spiritual certainty is attainable. However, 
fearful consensus science will not look nor challenge itself to search 
out whether or not the system of beliefs it has adopted are wrong because 
the primary purpose of any worldview large frame model and its belief 
infrastructure is to stay inside its basic premises. Questioning the 
given model is simply not allowed in any real sense. Consensus science 
will not check and only assumes little big G is universal and that a 
boson like Higgs has to exist to give mass solidity. However, both matter 
density and particles are only preferred illusions of man. Only waves of 
infinite possibilities and total interconnectedness exist in the universe 
as the Standard Model indicates. Wave vibrations perceived as separate 
constitute all particles. The more you divide the wave being separated 
gives seemingly different kinds of smaller objects in a process that has 
no end. The wave or particle problem is entirely due to the lens of 
perception. Looking at waves from the outside inward gives one a wave 
formation. Looking at a small part of a wave from the inside outward 
gives the view of that part of the wave as being a particle. The particle 
lens is simply a volume of space on the wave. Different measurements of 
volume on the wave merely look like different kinds of particles. Wave 
functions of all that is have no solidity. However, because man stands in 
an illusion of separation, man looks for a non-existent God particle to 
generate solidity. All the waves of possibility move thru each other. It 
is only when consciousness makes a choice does a wave function collapse 
occur and something comes into existence. This has huge cosmological 
implications even practical applications for consciousness in the 
material universe. Materialism belief that matter has certain set 
characteristics is bereft of any validity. The function of matter changes 
thru the agency of consciousness. Man alters the nature of matter thru 
his consciousness and alters characteristics of matter that fits his 
purposes and needs. A man holding a commanding understanding of all 
technological components in how they work and possessing high need for 
different or synchronistic functionalities can infuse different working 
characteristics into preexisting components thru a higher and commanding 
INTENTION. By reconfiguring thru additions and or subtractions and 
holding onto ideas with a high need for specific outcomes they can 
manifest. The cosmos alters the characteristics of matter to fit the 
needs of living consciousness. This works on biology as well. 
The misunderstandings of economics by high finance in the USA lead to the 
deemphasizing of design manufacturing as a university educational goal. 
Everybody was to become a college educated and produce information that 
created the production of more information. The future was in the 
information age and not in the old industrial age. What they did not 
understand is that even just changing shape can alter function. However, 
design departments were gotten rid of in the universities as a way to 
de-emphasize the importance and strength of labors political power, which 
were viewed as a threat to the total dominance by high finance by Wall 
Street. Outsourcing manufacturing is a method that the finance industry 
engages in to take over governmental functions for their own ends. 
However, this always leads to the collapse of any nation state because 
the brain power of manufacturing is a pillar of general innovation. 
Getting as many people involved in the manufacturing infrastructure base 
is critical to the overall strength of a nation's health and financial 
strength. The move that occurred would have been sufficient to destroy 
any nation empire. However, America is not an empire. America is a nation 
built on the foundational ideas of freedom from the oppression of the 
state and the pursuit of happiness which is a balance of personal and 
public responsibility. Fortunately, the strength of the massive American 
University system upheld sufficient brain power in engineering, design, 
and innovation that disallowed a total collapse of America's internal 
The charge of attraction and repulsion keeps wave functions from falling 
thru each other by a referential solidity. It allows us to knock on wood. 
However, solidity is purely illusionary. Materialists hold that the 
density of energy determines realness in an illusionary physical universe 
of separation. However, contrary to materialisms philosophy consciousness 
is the determining factor of all manifestations. Materialism's god of 
random completely fails in the face of the purposeful Living Conscious 
Cosmos that is the Observer and aligns its purpose with the intention of 
its avatars. The purposeful living cosmic consciousness is outside. Cells 
get their signals from outside (Lipton). The cosmos is one but the 
universe is outside our bodies as far as signal is concerned. 
The purpose of consensus science is not to challenge or question its 
basic premises. Known false principles exist to predetermine perspective 
and limit observational possibilities which become self-fulfilling. It 
takes inordinate strength to alter mindsets about worldviews long 
established by institutional organizations. Even journals established to 
focus on a specific area become dedicated to generating ideas interesting 
to readers and researchers more than finding the solution and ending the 
need of the organization. The bigger problem is that man has no 
difficulty in believing in two very different things that internally 
cannot fit together. Pointing out the cognitive dissonances makes no 
impact on the persons chosen worldview. People prioritize their worldview 
and facts in two completely different categories. Worldviews are a chosen 
lens based on a belief system. The two core beliefs are based on whether 
or not a person views the world to be a safe place or not. Once chosen 
nothing is likely to move this object. Facts that conflict with a 
person's worldview just do not fit. Even when the differences between 
facts are extreme and all the facts do not fit or add up, the worldview 
is not so changeable. Evidence and facts on the other hand are taken to 
be malleable and can be made to fit in a worldview if reshaped properly. 
Oddly, solving the model problem decreases human interest in the field. 
When new models finally do prevail, all previous opposition to that new 
worldview is forgotten and even denied. It is claimed everyone had always 
known that the new model had represented the better view of things. They 
will say nobody ever really opposed the new model even tho it very 
strongly and openly was. We might take it as just a face saving mechanism 
but in society it is psychologically much deeper. 
Spirit delays conscious acknowledgment of known false premises until the 
spiritual purpose of processing the myriad splinters of lies achieve 
their goal of completion in processing and putting back together the 
whole composite lie. Man holds to a consensus model and belief system for 
the purpose of spiritual lessons and will not stop processing these 
lessons for any evidence whatsoever. Only by ending the need of the 
spiritual purpose of the accepted model will ever have any impact on 
society's consensus worldview. Since man is unable fundamentally to hold 
to more than one large frame model at a time, the only practical action 
must be to diminish all models by acknowledging them as mere tools, which 
offer a limited specific angle and lens of focused insight into the 
universe and that using different models for different problems is 
legitimate. However, materialisms philosophy of a purposeless universe 
without conscious awareness, except illusionary, denies any meaningful 
communication with the cosmos. This means academics in higher education 
will try to control the public's view of consciousness as nonexistent and 
purposeless no matter the evidence or how it negatively impacts the 
thinking of innovators. 
The music of the universe is a constant sound while the perceived silence 
between tones is purely illusionary cyclical alteration of only perceived 
differences of densities. The sound has always been. God's act of 
creation was the creation of the nothing, which makes distinctions by the 
strength of perceived densities of the nothingness associated with 
particular sounds. The cosmos is in constant change so that the 
nothingness alters in strength in cycles every 3 years. Mathematics 
reflects the sounds with primes as the off tones without illusionary 
pauses. Einstein's views of the universe were correct for his day. 
However, those views are no longer completely in sync with the cosmos 
today because of the alterations that have occurred. The math used to 
uphold our models are not correct because of the math cheats that have 
been utilized. Black holes are mathematical figments of the imagination 
with no basis in reality. 
The universe grew from the cosmic center of nothing in the 3rd cycle 
after two complete cycles of percolation each 15 billion years of length. 
The universe grew from the center of nothing into 3 eggs in staggered 
stages from each other (infant, teenager, and adult). Galaxies are born 
by being ejected as massless quasars. Arp states that these massless 
protons are not the same as regular protons. Quasars are ejected from the 
nothing centers of energetic active galaxies. Stars do not develop 
separately by accumulated space dust. Suns are embedded as seeds in 
quasars and develop in beaded lines connected together. Suns develop a 
large proto planet that separates from its primary sun and in stages 
leave planets as the proto planet moves further from its primary. Planets 
do not orbit their primary Sun and maintain planetary spacing by their 
planetary tails. Planets orbit their Sun's local nothing centers that are 
a negative atmosphere (space) pressure vortex in the z-pinch that 
developed the seed sun and its beaded position in the line of suns. 
Planetary solar systems continue to orbit the vortex even when a sun 
blinks out and leaves for a time. The Sun is about 5 Earth masses as a 
hollow plasma ball of lightning. Moreover, the polar configuration (PC) 
of planets extending all together by the Axis Mundi from the Sun's 
equator orbiting around the Sun in 3 days' time, which fell apart so the 
Sun's current circuit is out of joint. This cannot but fix itself over 
All large frame models of the universe hold to some truth based on their 
angle of perception. However, when man intends to find how the micro is 
connected to the macro by any worldview it always falls into apparent 
paradoxes. This must occur because man defines micro actions by their 
observed self-limiting characteristics. However, defining anything by 
limits disconnects it from the true unlimited interconnectedness of the 
Living Symbolic Conscious Cosmos. This is the Core truth. False beliefs 
of separation lead to categorizing things boxed inside boundaries, which 
naturally forces analogies & metaphoric usage to reconnect them back into 
their true coherent interconnectedness. This is not limited to numbers, 
language, or music. Terms of separation by their very nature generate 
apparent paradoxes. However, categorization only offers a surface level 
meaning while all its deeper meanings are also analogic and or 
Scientific determinism holds that everything can be known if only the 
beginning conditions are known and they are able to calculate the changes 
fast enuff. It also assumes errors are only human & machine and that the 
models are correct. Such a system never gets to a point that suggests 
that the judgments of man and his models are falsified. When the models 
are false, which most are, all that can be done is overfitting too 
narrowly or underfitting too loosely, which is using noise as signals. 
Frequently statistics are used in ways that does not harness judgment on 
whether a model is finding signal so all ideas become equal in weight 
when they are not. Self-correcting Bayes' Theorem that builds on getting 
things less and less wrong thru reiteration, especially models, will 
continue to not be used because it undermines the basis of consensus 
sciences unconscious purpose to process false beliefs. All those that 
desire to make progress in science will learn to do code and Bayesian 
Theorem of probability and statistics. What is so odd is how simple 
Bayes' formula is (xy / xy + z(1-x) where x is prior probability of an 
event, y is a true event, and z is a not true event. This is how weather 
especially hurricane forecasting is done so successfully. Those that 
desire a fuller understanding will use charge plasma models, which can 
mimic chaotic behavior like bird flight. 
Godel's incompleteness theorem shares the same limiting construct because 
all numbers are not in the number set. Hofstadter's strange loops point 
out that no matter how micro parts of the universe seem to be opposed to 
being connected by any macro worldview they always reconnect back into 
the cosmos by unseen ways. If the cosmos is as interconnected as our 
intuition suggests, then all our science fields being unconnected to each 
other is a fundamental flaw. In order to have a fully interdisciplinary 
approach for all systems of science requires the use of the same symbols 
and symbolic logic. Ironically, symbolic logic is what can inform you 
that the symbols of meaning for the number set make sense. However, you 
cannot perform symbolic logic until you have the symbols of meaning for 
each number first. Fortunately, "all meaning comes from analogies" [5] so 
the richness of numbers is sufficient to start the process. Symbols that 
have specific meanings can be formulated into statements, which are easy 
to be made into a Godel number. Almost any system will give interesting 
associated interconnections. However, only mathematics can build the base 
of numerical symbolic meaning. Today our system gives symbols to 
represent numbers such as 1 + 1 = 2 as (s0 +s0 = ss0). This is backwards 
because it replaces the number with a symbol to mean the number placement 
from zero and in only one direction where negative placements are false. 
A far simpler process would be to use symbols with meaning and assign 
them to a number from the start. Base twelve is useful for the internal 
relational structure and integration, trigonometry, and doing 
approximations on the fly. By using small numbers on top and at right mid 
positions to the whole base numbers makes a core of 288 symbolic meanings 
(200 in base twelve), which is sufficient to build symbolic logic upon. 
Interestingly enuff, this same system of 12 basic symbols was used as a 
divination device called the alethiometer in a fiction book _The Golden 
Compass_. As described in the second book of the series _The Subtle 
Knife_, the golden compass had 36 symbols and arms to indicate positions 
and most importantly the level that each symbol was representing. How it 
all worked was never fully described. However, the circling of the long 
arm indicated the level the symbol represented by the number of complete 
circles it achieved. It can be inferred that the direction the arm swept 
indicated macro or micro levels tho that was never stated. The match is 
in the basic large core 12 symbols with another two sets with 12 small 
matching symbols. 
A real system is with each separate 12 large set with a small one on top 
and another small set to its right for 2 full sets of 12 or 288. Full 
integration is required so that all science fields will be part of the 
same cosmic symbolic meaning where all levels of the micro and macro 
generate a completely interconnected and interrelated system. Ironically, 
this was the primary goal of the ancients. Of course, each field can have 
unique secondary symbols for concepts unneeded in the others. The binary 
frame in the ancient calendar offers the kind of structure necessary for 
the internal relationships such as two 6 month years to complete a single 
orbit. In base twelve [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, H, F, 10] where the 
base number symbols represent opposites like hot and cold in opposing 
groupings of 1&6, 2&5, 3&4 for the first half and 7&10, 8&F, 9&H for 
the second half. All numbers in digital square form with reversed 7 (like 
a capital F without the middle line) for eleven and a reversed 4 for ten 
or a capital H to help dialectics be able to tell the difference. Also 
the German use of a middle bar for a 7 would help them differentiate with 
the F (without middle bar) symbol for eleven. 
In dragon 1 represents bio life with a symbol of a baby (weak) dragon 
opposed 6 representing symbol of a tree (strong) or growth plant flower. 
2 represents the head of wheat in maturity opposed to 5 sunshine 
representing health 
3 represents meat or sustenance opposed to 4 water representing liquid 
7 with a middle bar means metal (strong) symbolically represented as a 
metal double reflective mirror of inner reflection opposed to 10 (twelve) 
animal symbol air breather. 
8 as teeth representing physical opposed eleven (H) as five wave crests 
(ww) representing displaced refraction thru glass or water. 
9 a talon representing little death oppose to ten (F) a tail 
representing happy play. 
In base twelve:  ten = F   -  eleven = H  -  twelve = 10
1 bio weak           6 tree strong 
2 grow plant         5 sunlite health
3 meat substance     4 water health 
7 metal mirror      10 air breather 
8 teeth physical     H glass diffraction  
9 talon death        F tail happy play 
There are only twelve main symbols and multiplication is performed in 
base twelve like base ten 1 X 10^2 equals one hundred. In base twelve 
symbol to symbol multiplications and symbol to the power of symbol are 
Small sample of Dragon cosmic symbolism 
1 with a small 1 on top means Earth - small i symbol blue marble
1 with a small 1 mid right means (outer) space - symbol 5 pointed star 
1 with a small 2 on top means crops - symbol 5 lines 
1 with a small 2 mid right means fertility - symbol cell dividing in two 
1 with a small 3 on top means trinity - symbol ball with spikes 
1 with a small 3 mid right means safety - symbol 
1 with a small 4 on top means love - symbol Venus 
1 with a small 4 mid right means time - symbol 
From this sample one can get an idea of how to build two full sets (144 
base ten) symbols of base twelve 100 
All this will cause resistance from the establishment because only those 
able to do mathematics and symbolic logic will be able to do science, 
which will be very few people. Old thinking will be unable to accept or 
understand even the basics of the new symbolic logic that works like 
magic. However, that is all right. Our social institutions are for the 
most part not doing science. They are only able to promote false beliefs 
by maintaining the machinery like night shift maintenance & janitor crews 
for a building and desperately holding to the delusion that merely being 
in the building, while real scientists sleep, makes them what they think 
of themselves. 
Only the young such as coders are able to build and understand such a 
symbolic system. Once all the symbols are in place and the meaning of 
each of the double sets of 12 for each of the main twelve symbols are 
automatically understood along with the base twelve mathematics, then the 
symbolic logic calculations becomes fully automatic like karate moves 
without conscious thinking. Human symbolic logic sets up as a subroutine 
program in the mind, which interfaces with the living cosmic symbolic 
computer because symbols are analogous. Since this is true, it does not 
matter whether you use number symbols and add meaning to them or the 
other way around. Daniel Tammet's colored symbols for numbers could be 
incorporated by giving symbolic meaning to them in the same 
interrelationship dragon's use. For those able and willing to discipline 
their minds a whole new and completely integrated system of thot is in 
the offering at a speed and level that is incomprehensible today. A fully 
intergraded science is available totally interconnected together with 
mathematics, music, language, architecture, art, and everything else 
understandable in one interconnected system no matter the level desired 
from the largest macro picture to every level of the micro. They will 
understand all the interconnections and relationships between them. 
Today mathematics falls short because negative proofs are considered 
invalid. Only positive true posits are held as valid. However, only 
double entry bookkeeping style formulas are true. Since a negative 
multiplied by a negative equals a positive, the negative equations are 
the intergraded proof of a positive posit that is true. Negative formulas 
do not have to be the same equation as the positive true statement. 
However, the negative equation must give within itself the positive 
formula. All the sciences require this kind of double entry accounting 
system for proofs. For the creative research into a 4 quadrant 360 degree 
proof would be even better than a simple 2 dimensional solution. 
The purpose of a ten base system is exactness such as the speed of light 
given as symbol c. However, the cosmos is changing at all times so the 
speed of light alters as do all things. There are no constants or laws. 
Laws are passed by human legislators (Sheldrake). Ratios of formulistic 
values will vary with time as the cosmos evolves. Moreover, by taking a 
quick sample and approximations at the time of an event the cosmos can 
and will alter perceptions based on the goal of the observer. If the goal 
is the correct answer to any question, then the cosmos will alter the 
cosmos and or human perceptions to help get the correct overall outcome 
to the *question. Kepler in performing his ten year war on the orbit of 
Mars made mistakes. During one exhaustive search Kepler made a mistake in 
the process. However, there occurred another mistake that serendipity 
canceled the first mistake out. When a questioner lacks all the elements 
to gain an answer by brute force, the cosmos intervenes in a manner to 
achieve the *intention of the goal. Approximations give a better answer 
because one has to know *all the variables in base ten number system while 
the conscious Cosmos will alter variables by taking into account the 
observers lack of knowledge in order that the final answer computes 
serendipity to more correct averages than any rigorous measurements of 
all known elements can achieve because of unknown elements. 
Today's physics tries to understand the universe by models of numbers. 
The universe by analogy is often likened to a computer, which runs by a 
binary code of on and off switches. However, numbers are also symbols. 
The Living Conscious Cosmos is a symbolic computer that computes meaning 
and relationships that are knowable by observation or intuition. These 
symbols naturally mean a number. Once a system of symbolic meaning and 
numbers is created it will match results from different symbolic systems 
that use different symbols to achieve the same answer for the same 
questions by the true intention of the questioner. The only question is 
when someone achieves this level of awareness; will society be willing to 
accept it? 
The Zen state is achieved when the ego of separation is given up to live 
in truth in the ever present Now. A child lives in that truth until they 
build an ego, which generates a continuous memory of events often around 
the age of 7 years. Memory in the limited state of awareness that we 
experience requires a platform of the past to perceive itself. Most life 
does not build an ego of false separation from its source in order to 
create self-perception. Ideas constantly pop into the mind because of the 
minds need to make sense of categories and put them into their proper 
place within the cosmos. The stream of thot is sure to have a cosmic 
rhythm and flow with cycles as many writers have experienced. However, 
achieving a state of ungrounded grace does not allow individuals to 
manifest changes in this world. The goal seems to be able to meditate 
into grace for renewal and come back into the world to alter it from 
imperfection to perfection. 
Man has racial memories of when he had the body of a giant ape. Where 
does the soul reside? Dualism is nonsense. Rocks are alive, but they do 
not have awareness like humans. However, if you believe that trees are 
not aware and cannot communicate wisdom, you have stuffed your head in 
the sand. Everything is alive with awareness. Ego and other levels of 
awareness are merely a part of the spectrum. Intensity of experience is 
far more important as it can determine the path of awareness. Physical 
limits on what can occur bear little on the matter. Say a very famous 
sports event, which had only 50,000 seats for an entire country of 300 
million were available and where 2 of 50 states in that country had a 
greater advantage to being allotted seats. After the event everyone you 
meet mathematically had to have watched the event on TV. However, all of 
them tell you that they were at the event. How can millions believe that 
they were at that event when the seating was only 50,000? Watching TV of 
a very important (to fans) sports event can become a very highly charged 
emotional experience. A person can zone out of the TV and put themselves 
into the crowd or even the player at the event. Afterwards retellings of 
the event by others help make the ongoing and constant reconstructions of 
memories get pulled into other vivid contexts. Awareness also can travel 
into the realms of altered realities where in fact they had experienced 
firsthand events and so their memories are true at the level of awareness 
that their consciousness was utilizing. The loss of an actual firsthand 
experience to a more remote secondary memory is also possible. Healing 
therapy often use the technic of distancing their memories to gain 
perspective and objectivity. Moreover, memory experience is not 
permanent. Over a third of memory is commonly lost within the first year. 
The first memories to go are usually how the body felt about it. After 
that the entire experience can drift to a common archetype story. 
The binding and memory storage problems are the main sticking points of 
brains. The three main parts of the brain are frontal, parietal, and 
temporal lobes plus the occipital lobe at the lower back of the head. 
These likely correspond to the spiritual crown, third eye, and throat 
chakras plus the back of the head where vision is being created and 
programming loops are held. The physicality of the present brain models 
have difficulties because brain structures, while well understood, do not 
keep function to specific placements. A bigger problem is the signal use 
and its need for direct access to the brain inside the skull. However, if 
chakras are the real functionality, the brain is not the signaler or 
placement of memory. Direct brain stimulus creates a response but this 
is not the generator of bio heat. The chakras emit signals and generate 
heat. Photons, light, and lasers could work here better. Fixation in 
wanting the brain to send one kind of signal to artificial limbs is 
misplaced. There is no reason to be so limited. Muscles can perform much 
more basic control over artificial limbs. Also there is no reason to not 
use the neck or other chakra centers as signaling platforms. Cultures 
worldwide took the heart as the gate to the gods that gave intelligent 
understandings and direct communication. Heart signals being much 
stronger could be used. Some of the other chakra centers might be a lot 
easier to signal control by the mind. Different approaches to generating 
signals from inside the skull or other areas of the body are more likely 
to succeed in signaling to unattached devices with more precise control. 
The remembering of old memories usually starts with one very important 
aspect that has great importance and then the whole event gets recreated. 
Random computer generated numbers hold to patterns because the number 
generator is not really random. However, if you restart your number 
sequence with the same starting number, the system repeats the exact same 
sequence it generated the first time. Fractals generate pictures using an 
equation, which means the brain structure or any structure would 
naturally generate the same picture of events if it used the same 
starting point. What is the equation of man's brain structure? Since 
memories are recreations, all that is needed is the starting point. The 
majority of the event does not need to be stored. Only the primary object 
or beginning point needs to be stored. Moreover, a person can purposely 
manipulate a memory and change its meaning or change the meaning of the 
symbol used to start the process of recreating the desired event. I 
wanted to find a computer program that would find the number a picture 
represented or the reverse of creating a picture by an equation. Reverse 
engineering could accomplish this. Maybe this is how the mind chunks 
facial expression and can find very quickly what number (persons face) 
matches another picture thru the equation of the brain's structure.
Brain research is fixated on physicality. However, spinal cord death is 
not being prevented by utilizing an artificial stimulator. Stem cells 
could regrow the injured gap or simply an artificial connector be put in 
place until a new bio growth can be done. The artificial stimulator could 
use patterns from experts. Retraining's could use simulators that trained 
the muscles to do the proper moves while the impulse patterns from 
experts train the mind to do the proper path firings. This could be the 
desired learning by downloading a program. The lower back of the head or 
cerebellum is the obvious place where ease of access for outside 
programming and recreation of visual events of true or fictional content. 
Hofstadter's ant fugue depicts the colony of ants to have its team 
actions determined by a caste system at the higher levels understood 
symbolically and determined by biological activities. The body of Christ 
acts by the gifts (caste) that are given to each individual. Since 
symbols are assignable to each part on a knowable level in the system 
from the start, there is no need to give a symbolic value to ideas, 
concepts, or parts of the cosmos. The analogy of symbols will perform the 
task of assigning symbols to the different levels automatically. Altho 
only a few individuals will be able to determine the symbolic logic of 
the system, the results of the system they generate will be easy to 
determine by independent measurements and so confirmation of the new 
system is doable. However, will society have the stomach to support such 
a radical way of knowing things if anyone has the courage and ability to 
perform it when society has already lost belief? 
This explains why churches have lost their cohesiveness because they have 
stopped believing in the other traditional caste worker positions inside 
the Church; mainly, gifts of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, 
prophecy, spirits discerning, tongues, and the interpretation of tongues 
(Corin 12:8-10). By singly emphasizing the gathering of adherents none of 
the traditional domestic support workers, which make up the majority of 
the members, have any place or status within the Church. Giving status to 
only the preacher makes the group only as strong as that individual 
person and leaves the majority of the members little to contribute of 
their God given talents. Satan has been very successful in turning 
members off from feeding themselves by reading the Bible, putting the 
armor of God on, and working at getting the Holy Spirit into themselves 
more fully on a daily basis. Members have become infantile and dependent 
on the preacher for their spiritual food rationed & spoon fed to them 
once a week like a shower whether they need it or not. This leaves them 
too weak, scared, poor, and needy to be of any good to anyone including 
themselves. They do not understand why the preacher is unhappy with their 
spiritual growth. Far worst they are pain avoidance not wanting to be 
bothered with the pains of Christ to be tempered by God's loving fire 
that burns the bad out to make oneself useful for God's higher purpose.
Higher intelligence comes from a living quantum mechanical (QM) symbolic 
cosmos best understood as dragon, which is grounded in the Living Cosmos. 
Man's soul is not grounded in the physical universe but is pure spirit. 
Most humans are taught by a herd mentality. However, a few will become 
lone wolves in seeking fame without higher purpose. Most of such 
individuals are psychopaths that only desire to game the system. High 
functioning gamers control our industries becoming bankers or banksters 
while low functioning gamers are criminals. The higher level criminal 
gamers cost businesses over a hundred times in more losses a year than 
all the low level criminals combined. Of course, society pays these 
gamers off by giving the higher functioning middle level gamers a job 
(police) and status for catching their brethren low level gamers. This is 
the only way civilizations have ever been able to keep gamers in check. 
When the state tries to completely control society by a police state it 
is all in vain. The very people the state wanted to control, gamers, are 
the only ones willing to manage watching everyone else. 
The Living Cosmos is not the same as the secondary temporary physical 
universe created by man to uphold falseness like death as truths which 
ended with the Mayan calendar cycle (2012). A year afterwards (August 
14th) man's false ideas of God ended in Year 1 of the New Era and a much 
better relationship will develop between man and his Creator. The 
question is whether or not man's unbelief of the mysteries will allow him 
to see or feel the changes at the start of the New Era. Jesus is sitting 
on his throne at Jerusalem waiting to see if anyone is aware of his 
presence. So far nobody is aware. Jesus will sing his cosmic song and the 
problem of man's fear that deluded him into generating a secondary false 
universe will be healed 5 years after his coming back to Earth. 
The Moon represents 3 separate major occurrences in QM space all at the 
same time:  one, it is a separately formed body outside our solar system 
and specifically chosen to be a platform to observe the Earth and man, 
which had surface features of a face observed from Earth (GenSilver); 
2nd, the Moon represents the outcome of a near encounter of the Earth 
with a larger body (Neptune) known as the K-T event; and 3rd, the Moon 
represents the smallest natural lost satellite (Oceanus of Neptune) that 
was destroyed increasing the mass and density of the Earth by dropping 
layers of coal and oceans of oil upon it. After man meditates beyond his 
need for false beliefs, his need for what the Moon represents will end. 
The Moon in stages will alter its color, fade and then disappear. 
Earths shape and internal structure was created by energetic plasma and 
energized oxygen dynamics (current) of a Polar Configuration (PC) in 
gaseous density. With Birkeland currents outgoing and incoming from the 
Sun entering and exiting both polar points of all the planets the 
structure of a planet must be hollow. After the Earth is struck by an 
extraterrestrial agent it rings like a bell for an extended time (years 
afterwards) as it does after large earthquakes. Only a bell (hollow) 
shaped object can ring for an extended period. The Moon orbits the Earth 
from a point inside the Earth 1,710 km or about 1,000 miles deep from the 
Earth's surface. The actual center of gravity for the Earth as a hollow 
spherical body by density is 1000 miles deep from the Earth's surface. 
Moreover, a hollow bell shaped Earth would make the value of Earth mass 
fluctuate. Miles Mathis suggests that G is constant and that the 
fluctuations are due to changing charge which alters the value for mass. 
His reformulations of Newton's force F = GMm(DV)(dv)/r^2) = 9E^-9 and 
Coulomb (F=kq1q2/r^2) = 9E^9 shows that they are the inverse of each 
other. The E/M field is the measure of density in Coulomb and shows that 
mass is only a measure of the volume of charge. In other words the value 
of weight is determined by charge, which is known to vary and fluctuate 
in its environment. G in the formula is not a measure of Earth gravity 
but a measure of charge of the whole Cosmos. The attraction of things to 
the surface of the Earth is an entirely different thing, which is most 
likely dependent on a planet's atmosphere. The ratio difference between 
the two formulas is 18 orders of magnitude, which is the ratio of dark 
matter & energy to the mass of the universe 1/18 (5.555...%). What this 
means is that the `missing mass' is not missing. It simply represents the 
unacknowledged charge of the universe. The origin of planetary formation 
by charge is confirmed by the fact that the mass of the Earth is 18 times 
the mass of Mercury, Neptune is 18 times the mass of the Earth, and 
Jupiter is 18 times the mass of Neptune (see index 4 for the formative 
order of the planets by density). 
Newton's gravity constant G is much larger in the Mathis reformulation 
because it does not represent the Earth's gravity in the equation but 
universal charge. Since the ratio of 18 magnitudes is generated by the 
fundamental forces of our universe, we can expect the other formations in 
the universe will conform to them. Kepler's Third Law is:  Period squared 
equals Distance cubed (P^2=D^3). Science defines Distance (D) as the mean 
(average) distance a planet is from the Sun. We can solve for Periods 
because the Sun's period of rotation is 2,125,000 seconds as one standard 
Period. This makes Earth's orbit near 15 standard periods and a square of 
around 220 and a cube of 6. The Sun's orbital velocity is 73.19 km/s. 
When this is multiplied by the radius of the Sun the result is about 49.5 
million km or about 1/3 the distance the Earth (150 million km) is from 
the Sun. Earth is around 3 times the average standard Distance from the 
Sun. Kepler's Distance (D) in his equation represents the planets total 
distance between closest and farthest approaches to the Sun or twice the 
average or mean distance from the Sun (see index 6 Kepler's Third Law 
P^2=D^3). Newton used Kepler's formula because everyone knew it and 
wanted to see it in Newton's calculation for orbital velocity (a=v^2/r). 
Newton then put this calculated result thru another round to get a second 
radius or a total of 2r into his calculation. In Kepler's equation D 
represents a ratio with the other planetary orbits. Newton used a cheat 
procedure to fix orbital velocity from one r to 2r because he knew what 
the correct numerical result needed to be. However, the cheat procedure 
changed orbital velocity into an acceleration velocity. It decoupled the 
physics into a non-reality. By itself it meant nothing because Newton 
would isolate the result from any of the other parameters. Unfortunately, 
mathematicians misunderstood what Newton did and took the corrective 
procedure to mean that orbital and acceleration velocities were 
equivalent. Since equivalencies do not need corrective steps, even the 
procedure was deemed unnecessary. Far worse the cheat procedure was 
legitimatized as proper because Newton used it. However, physics remained 
wary of the procedure because it decoupled values from their objects 
until Einstein became a convert against his own first better inclination. 
Afterwards the temptation became too great because difficulties could be 
easily overcome thru "renormalization". Resetting a value and making it 
virtual (unreal) also makes it easier to push into a direction needed to 
prove a model as correct. Success is very hard to disagree with. 
Mathis has proven that the formula for orbital velocity is a=v^2/2r and 
not a=v^2/r, which matches the result I found in Kepler's 3rd Law about 
three decades before without noting its significance to physics that D 
equals twice the mean and not just one radius. Sadly, such solutions to 
Kepler's 3rd law were no longer subjects that science journals were 
interested in publishing. The same was true for planetary disruption 
scenarios. The way Newton used the cheat was legitimate because he wanted 
to get the calculation on track to what he knew was the correct result of 
2r. Unfortunately, physics today use renormalization as a legitimate 
procedure. This makes mathematical ideas like black holes just a figment 
of the imagination without any basis in reality. 
The problem with physics today is keeping the math on actual physical 
phenomena instead of flights of pure fantasy. Math models are at best 
allegory and not literal as too many scientists treat them as being. 
However, anyone can choose to be clear on the hard data. Have these 
mistakes of the past been simply a misunderstanding? The correct formula 
for orbital velocity of a=vr^2/2r rather than a=vr^2/r cannot be said to 
be a misunderstanding because it is too easy to check as Mathis did with 
planetary orbital velocity at 1r and 2r. The bureaucracy of science is 
unwilling to consider this. Planetary orbital velocities follow a 2r 
pattern. If it was not, Mercury at 1.17 average distance from the Sun 
would have a period about equivalent to the Sun's period of rotation of 
about 25.4 days. Mercury has an orbit of about 88 days or over 3 times 
the Sun's rotation. Mercury's Period squared equals well over 9 and when 
cubed being over 2.3 for D(istance) in the equation. Any layman can check 
it. However, consensus science is not going to make any announcement of 
this historic mistake. None of it will be forthcoming if the history of 
science remains consistent. Moreover, Mathis also shows that Newton's 
flux does not use the correct scheme. Again, any mathematician can check 
this. However, they will not and the science bureaucracy will not change 
their thinking on these or any other false models they desire to hold on 
to. What can possibly make institutions hold on to known and knowable 
falsehoods? Authority that determines facts and non-facts based on its 
ideological worldview and belief system. When facts become available & 
obvious and are ignored by men and institutions, then what is being 
propagated is just a model of known false preferences. Consensus science 
is not science devoid of prejudices. What this means is that science 
needs to reward status for finding flaws in principles and models as the 
top priority. Research into deeper and more detailed use of models can 
only ever be secondary because the reliability of all further results 
rest on their basic fundamental assumptions. Consensus science refuses to 
acknowledge known false principles and those individuals that find them 
because its purpose is to uphold a worldview of known false principles. 
The data of observations can have absolutely nothing to do with 
preferring one ideological worldview over another. Again, the honor of 
science is fully balanced upon the solitary shoulders of individual men 
and women of integrity who stand alone. 
Can truth ever be strong enuff to drive science? Is the real social need 
hardwired into the human brain to process known lies so strong that no 
individual person can change the social meme even if everyone is fully 
aware of the situation? Can we not become Keplerian and acknowledge when 
data does not meet the necessary criteria and requires a change in model 
or concepts? A fundament change in models might require a change in 
worldview. The bureaucracy of science is willing to change models but 
only to a point that does not threaten the present worldview. Do false 
worldviews hold a greater social purpose? This is not an easy question. 
It holds to the very nature of our being. How individuals and society 
reacts to any changes that do not usually occur except in extremely very 
long durations beyond human life times is not predictable. 
Ironically, mass is not physical just as the Standard Model of wave 
functions predict. In the universe quanta is caused by the cycle of 
waves. The so called packet is simply a wave cycle. It is a differential 
between the two basic forces in an environment of charged plasma with 
currents generating magnetic fields thru out the universe. The discovery 
of what causes the universe to be quantum is fundamental and will lead to 
other fundamental connections. Current in the universe is caused by 22 
kinds of photon flows. Current is not caused by a flow of electrons whose 
motion is just wiggling caused by the actual current. Birkeland currents 
connect all suns together tho humans do not have the eyes to see those 
connections. Moreover, charge separation is said to be impossible in 
space. The example of the amount of energy it would take for the universe 
to separate the electrons of a tea spoon of salt is used as a proof of 
its impossibility. However, this is a silly. The universe by its very 
nature is already in a charged state. The universe does not have to start 
from zero and gain what it already has by taking electrons away from 
salt. If the universe actually worked that way, it would destroy itself. 
The universe is made up of 3 eggs each containing millions of galaxies. 
Sirius the Dog Star is in our South egg. Deneb of Capricorn is in the 
West egg. However, Deneb switches to the East egg for half the year 
starting every May 16th (Gregorian). Galaxies are losing velocity in 
quantum steps and increasing in density in average mean cycles of around 
3.1 million years. There have been 9 episodes since the end of the 
Precambrian era 27.8 million years ago. The differentiation that occurs 
between geological boundaries in these cycles is due to galactic 
Birkeland currents that change output in quantized steps. Earth's age as 
suggested by dragon lore is "The Sun is not 100 million years old" (index 
8; 2005 August 1), which means that all the solar system and planets are 
no more than that. Earth's Precambrian stratigraphy prior to 2 billion 
years is missing [6]. A more than 20 fold reduction of geological time 
calculates when the stratigraphic record is sure beginning at around 100 
million years. 
Saint Austin quotes Varro that before the Deluge that Venus was observed 
to have changed color, form, figure, and magnitude before Earth suffered 
a dissolution. Dissolution seems to mean that the Earth at a lesser 
density was greater in volume and diameter, which when it suddenly 
shrunk, all the water springs under the Earth erupted at once in the 2nd 
month and 17th day of 36,357 BCE (not the recorded traditional date of 
36,358 BCE). Before the gravity change event of 3119 BCE there was a boom 
from Heaven at the start of the Mahabharata War (3156 BCE). Graduated 
step changes within the main cycle of 3.1 million years are indicated 
thereby. The distance of photon orbits about atoms seems to have been 
altered by even the inner cycles between the changes of gravity values 
during those events, which may explain why before the Deluge rainbows in 
the sky were not seen because of a different orbital spacing for light 
diffraction. The common use of today's metals only began after the last 
gravity event. Why the Earth was previously watered by dew and that it 
did not rain might be explained by these alterations. 
As promised I will suggest a few principles of evolutionary changes far 
different than Darwin's. First principle is that consciousness comes from 
spirit, which manifests all physical matter. Matter has no power to 
create matter let alone consciousness. At the Intersect 2001 July 
conference, I listened to Dr. Bruce Lipton explain his theory that DNA 
changes occur when the environment changes its signals to life (cells). 
These signals determine the function of how the DNA replicates itself 
within the cell and on how best to function within changing ecological 
systems. A sudden change of environment alters the incoming signals on 
what systems of DNA adaptation best suits the environment for all 
organisms. DNA adapts by directive mutation of its proteins that make all 
the component parts and its configurations based on the broadcastings of 
the living ecological systems. In this way whole systems of adaptation 
can be brought into play, which looks like design. Darwin's idea of 
random mutations with a 20 fold reduction in time requires that 
everything is in play all the time and that observation of changes would 
still be rare but possible. However, the fossil record is quite clear 
that elongated stasis between quick changes is the reality. Species are 
now known to achieve speciation thru adaptation in geological isolation. 
By this we can understand that shape alteration generates new behavior 
and behaviors create function. Moreover, tradition is that man observed 
all of nature altering itself [7], that man used to be a giant [8], and 
that his feet left temporary impressions in the soil like a sponge. There 
are traditions that man's skin was horny before [9]. Modern man's oldest 
fossils are far less than the age of the Moon. However, man has memories 
of `days before the Moon' [10]. Man remembers events much older proved by 
symbols of an `Age Before Time' that ended by the occurrence of the 
Saturnine crescent, which occurred 20 million years ago. Man observed all 
of nature change at the same time including himself. Change occurs for 
the most part all at the same time together, massively, and quickly. 
However, that does not mean nothing can change in nature by itself 
in-between these greater events. 
Consciousness directs all change. The brain and its size have nothing to 
do with access to knowledge and wisdom or the ability to learn. Dr. John 
Lorber's 1980 Science article "Is Your Brain Really Necessary?" includes 
an example of a completely normal person whose cranium is mostly water 
(Lewin 1980). The radical idea of Bruce Lipton is that cell membrane is 
the important aspect [11]. Schools of fishes act together and have 
emotions as do plants. While spiritual knowledge is held to come from the 
crown chakra, the chakra what allows the inflow of knowledge outside of 
one's own energy system is the heart chakra that the ancients always 
believed is where knowledge came to them from the gods. Egyptian experts 
that mummified preserved the heart but not the brain. The brain is 
positioned more in line with the eye chakra responsible for true sight. 
The higher brain function in regards to the body is language, which is 
done spiritually by universal symbols that are projected in front of the 
forehead to be read by others. Sign language has only one sign for fish. 
Of the hundreds if not thousands of species that exist, signers yet know 
exactly what kind of fish the other is discussing without additional 
descriptors. Moreover, regional sounds can differ in any number of ways 
and still retain their meaning. If language was simply a physical 
phenomenon, a change in sound would change the words meaning. What 
actually happens tho is that people make up new words or change the 
meaning of an old word. There was no American dictionary before Webster 
who put out the first in 1828. General meanings of the word were given 
but the purpose was to standardize spelling. However, the truth is every 
word has an infinite number of meanings and uses. By this we can 
understand that like logic points only intuition can connect them. Words 
are analogies (Hofstadter) and change meaning by the ways we use or shape 
them. The word innovation (new change) use to mean something bad because 
God saved one from being moved. In the middle of the 19th century 
innovation came to symbolize good as it came to mean progress in the era 
of invention particularly after the telegraph. Words are symbols and we 
do not need to look them up to know what they mean because constant use 
of them will make their meaning understood. The Purposeful Living Cosmos 
communicates the meanings to us. The sages say there are 8 primary 
languages matching the 8 chakras (7 with the one at the feet often 
ignored). Sanskrit, Italian, Hebrew, Chinese, Egyptian, Arabic, 
Pama-Nyungan, Maya, Dravidian, and Basque are from the primary 8 language 
Legend has it that Adam had 360 degree vision. The sages say the visual 
system is a six camera projection system: one camera on top and bottom of 
the head, two on each side (ears), and one in front and back. When 
someone is trying to make a decision they sometimes look down or lift 
their head upwards to `find' the answer. Mothers are legendary for seeing 
from the back of their heads when the need to know what their children 
are up to. The back camera is a little different for women than men. Men 
use the back camera as more of a feeling of being watched by an enemy 
alarm system, which is why in trials (Sheldrake) the best at it were 
boys. The eye and spiritual camera systems are in complete concert with 
each other, which is a physical impossibility. However, since they do in 
fact perform it, the reality represents a proof of magic in the universe 
or God. Tho the brain is connected by the spinal nervous system to all 
other systems its operations are body orientated, which includes 
analyzing everything. However, the mind is far more than logic and 
analysis. In fact all connections the mind makes are inspirational. Even 
logical analysis, which the body performs, requires leaps of faith that 
the connections it makes are correct. During the mid 20th century 
universities had a great need for fast and quick results for complex 
mathematical formulas or even basic computations. The time it would take 
to do them by hand the old fashioned way took too much time for important 
people being paid large sums of money to do what any college student 
could do. This need led to the development of a position called a 
`computer', which was usually a college student available by phone that 
was able to simply hear a math problem and immediately without thinking 
give the answer. The technic works and is reliable for those that can 
open their minds to methods of inspirational knowledge. However, this is 
also how all knowledge is accessed. Man uses his intuition to make 
determinations of right and wrong paths. Science frames are very rarely 
used for making any of the common daily decisions complex solutions 
require. The root of all knowledge is inspirational and access to it is 
not confined, which is how a dog, horse, or even a bird can connect to 
some level of human awareness. The desire to communicate is what matters. 
However, materialists doubt that telepathic communication is real and any 
contrary evidence of its realness is based on deception. The only problem 
with their view of purposeless consciousness is that the parrot, being 
filmed by Sheldrake, had to have been in collusion with him in order to 
actively participate in deceiving others, which whether true or false 
would prove purposefulness. Now, I would be happy to concede this level 
of high intelligence for the parrot. However, I cannot concede deceit for 
the family of parrots until their opponents get a confession from them. 
The present logic and reasoning taught in schools today represent only a 
single method of teaching that many students are successful in utilizing. 
However, there are many other ways of learning that can be employed for 
students that are not very successful in using the present mainstream 
methods. Other ways of learning are spatial relationships as in 3D 
modeling or kinetic (touch), coordination (natural order) like singing, 
theory on paper like reading a book by oneself, color charting, special 
needs one on one, seeing in their head where the end result is visualized 
like good welders do, a special category of putting things together with 
hands like woodshop, and a very special category where one can sketch 
from paper and transfer it directly to a working model where the 
component parts are unknown, but works as soon as it is put together by 
the inventor. There needs to be multiple uses of different teaching 
methods taught to teachers and all students. Students need to be taught 
in multiply ways of thinking like pattern, photo, verbal, vision, and 
word in order for them to find out, which methods work best for them. 
Students then need to be taught by teachers that excel in the methods of 
teaching that work best for them. Grades, ages, and geography of students 
have no validity except in peer relationship and sports equality. Today 
teachers gifted in the ability to excel in extrinsic motivational methods 
are favored to generate student intrinsic motivational drive to learn. 
However, this is completely backwards. While highly naturally talented 
teachers are a wonderful resource the great need for them is based on the 
systems systematic failures that kill the natural inherent curiosity of 
the students. What is actually needed is to not kill the innate curiosity 
of the students in the first place. Our present system does not allow 
individuals to learn from their failures by wrongfully teaching that 
failure is taboo. Creativity requires experimentation at all levels, 
which means by definition learning by failing. All things must be 
relearned in a cyclical manner since all things in the universe change. 
At some point the change that is occurring will change all the basic 
rules in how things function. Teachers must expose every student to every 
kind of experience under the Sun. Once students find their own interests 
is when they will become more open to teachers helping them adopt the 
behaviors of achievers. Highly successful students have teachers that are 
purpose and mission driven with varying degrees of natural talent, or 
even none, to teach the `how to do knots' and who understand that 
students have all the resources inside themselves to do anything they 
desire. The importance of a teacher is naturally limited for their job is 
to put themselves out of a job by helping students learn to self-teach 
themselves. Particularly, at the earliest ages teachers need to know when 
to help and when to get out of the way. A child can teach themselves a 
new language without human help by computer if software that was 
navigating the web sounded the words seen on the screen used in the 
process. Otherwise, a child makes up their own pronunciations of the 
presented language. Principles or those in charge of the schools are the 
actual leading indicators of successful students. This seems hard to 
believe that the right person at the very top can make the most 
significant difference in the whole organization. However, nobody 
questions the absolute truth of this when talking about a business. 
Having a well-run school determines the overall effectiveness of 
teachers. Without the proper vision to frame in running the school the 
content of the school curriculum will fail no matter the quality of the 
materials or social dynamic factors. Teachers can raise student class 
awareness. However, it is the Principle with a vision and mission that 
defines all teacher and student expectations for the whole of the 
organization because vision reframes what is possible raising all boats 
beyond the ability of a teacher to do so for any individual student. 
Children are born geniuses and can learn languages quickly. This innate 
self-organized learning ability degrades with age so slowing them down to 
follow adult paced instruction is counterproductive except for learning 
discipline and social self-governance better known as manners. Meditation 
(prayer) is the highest form of self-discipline. 
Tests performed on students cannot measure anything of much interest to 
anyone other than a teacher who is the only one that needs to know what 
students have retained from previous lessons. No long term meaning is 
possible to be measured by tests. The desire of others to find if what is 
being taught is a success is a fundamental misunderstanding of what tests 
are useful for. Pressure from the outside by politicians and parents to 
know if a school is `successful' cannot be measured properly by tests 
except as one of multiple indicators of what is working or not. Parental 
pressure in demanding that all (their) children be above average, a 
statistical impossibility, has only made grading on a curve a necessary 
device to make average C scores a B to fulfill the demand. Adults and not 
children need to learn that an average grade in any particular area is 
acceptable. It only means that one aspect is less than optimal at that 
time and age for that student. While test taking can be a learned skill 
it represents no known useful or practical human activity. Teaching for 
the test, even if it rises scores, can only dumb downs the whole student 
body's ability to perform normal work activities as a social group. Only 
morally bankrupt individuals, hyper social fears, and a test industry are 
willing to exploit them at such a high cost to the young to placate the 
parent's useless fears. Memorization no longer serves the useful purpose 
it did in society. Today anyone can go on the internet and search to find 
any fact or information that is desired in the public domain. There is no 
longer any need for individuals to hold within themselves vast stores of 
priority information. What is of priority today is the ability to rethink 
and find new ways to solve problems, which used to be the role mostly of 
just higher level executives. However, the over hyper desire of parents 
is to have all their children above average. Mathematicians know it is 
impossible by definition for all children to be above average. However, 
the parental desire is simply not to be denied. Principles bend to the 
wishes of this all-consuming parental demand because it is hardwired into 
humans to measure their child in the best lite based on the child's best 
talents. Of course, tests are by their very nature incapable of measuring 
qualities. Tests can only measure a quantity of predetermined boxed in 
subjects that does not signify intelligence. It is just intelligent 
individuals do well on bad tests. Doing badly on such a test also does 
not predict any tangible truth. If everyone was tested based on their own 
strongest talents, they all would be above average. 
The present positional order of our planetary solar system is caused by 
man's psychic wars. After man was created by God, man lost his way. In so 
doing man believed, wrongly, that the only right punishment for his 
disobedience was death. Man's path in seeking death is outlined by the 
present positioning of our planets in the solar system, which is simply 
the outward extension and manifestation of man's own energy (chakra) 
system. My PC order from closest planet from the day Sun and outward is 
Mercury (spiritual), Earth (clear seeing), Venus (communication), Mars 
(heart), Neptune (power), Uranus (emotions), Jupiter (survival), and 
Saturn (aura). The switch of Venus (communication) and Earth (true sight) 
was necessary for man in seeking death because only a spiritually blind 
immortal soul can manifest a false physical death. Man used the power of 
God's creation energy to generate an inner secondary physical universe 
where false beliefs could be manifested. Man fools himself into holding 
falsehoods as truths. The whole purpose of man's physical universe is to 
be able to manifest false beliefs to hold them as true. However, truth 
such as Love cannot be denied its own ability to manifest in man's 
physical universe. The chaos event that sent Neptune (power) outside 
beyond Saturn (man's aura) represents man's false belief that man's power 
is outside of himself and is thereby able to be destroyed by an outside 
Planets have not left their PC placements in spiritual fact. The daily 
rotation of Titan in its PC position is 30 hours. Man sleeps in a daily 
approximately 25 hour cycle with artificial light determining periods of 
wakefulness. Business prefers a 200 day cycle, which syncs with a regular 
period of 25 days of 24 hours equaling 24 `days' of 25 hours. Both equal 
a 600 hour period along with 20 daily rotations of 30 hours each. After 
man meditates on these truths sufficiently, he will find himself again in 
a PC solar system, which he never left and only fooled himself that he 
had by his false perceptions. 
To bring man back into intentional sanity only requires that man meditate 
on the fact that he is an immortal soul that cannot die. Man's power is 
inside himself exactly where God put it and not outside of himself. 
Time (change or healing) is a circle of perfection when meditation is 
applied with the soul's goal of truth. The best energy and meditation 
technics were taught by Jesus the Christ to his disciples, which CDM 
teaches [12]. However, only the absolutely committed to this kind of 
spiritual change should participate because there is no going back. Once 
the commitment is made the pain of the body for going thru fires of 
purifications, while going up and down, will do not let up until God is 
done with tempering you. No matter the bodily discomfort the only path is 
onward. There is never ever going back. The technics of grounding, 
staying in the center of your head to be neutral, creating and destroying 
roses, owning space, and other technics help to overcome old and foreign 
energies that can block the way to self-truths and awareness. However, 
for those undisciplined or unwilling to take the time for in-depth work 
there are easy general meditation technics that are still potent in 
releasing debilitating energies. The bilateral therapy in Thom Hartmann's 
book _Walking Your Blues Away_ [13] can perform a great deal by simply 
walking. Walking is normally a trance state and helps to de-energize and 
erase triggers on subjects one thinks on to gain proper perspective on 
past events. Reading the Bible daily is like sand paper in making 
changes. It is a slow process. However, done daily it will alter you for 
the better. Bilateral therapies and hypnosis use the central visual area 
to erase or alter felt participatory relived events in living color into 
distantly observed still black and white pictures. Meditation, which is 
prayer, needs to follow certain paths in order to be effective. One must 
verbally call on the Holy Spirit to connect oneself to Jesus and then ask 
verbally what God wants you to do. You cannot connect to Jesus solidly 
without the help of the Holy Spirit. Without Jesus to filter out the 
chaos of man's mind clear communication with God is an unlikely regular 
occurrence. The use of invocations are unused by the Church members as 
they have fallen into disuse and become afraid to confront Satan. 
However, Satan has no longer any kingdom and no army but the scattered 
that cannot stand their ground. Satan fears and must retreat from anyone 
that invokes Jesus. The armor of God is available to anyone that simply 
asks the Holy Spirit to "put the whole armor of God on me" and asks daily 
out loud to "Change all my false beliefs & ideas, conscious or 
unconscious, and exchange them for God's truths". 
When man changes his mind sufficiently from falsehoods to spiritual 
truths and becomes spiritually fit again, all the stars will alter their 
positions as they have multiple times before. The stars send energy to 
help man in his new ways of thinking. The present constellations and 
positioning of astrological signs began after a great alteration that 
occurred in 1349 CE. Today astrological signs are off synced from their 
named constellations by one house because they shifted during a 9 year 
period from 1723 to 1732. Stars move into new patterns and distances 
after man begins a new age of how man chooses to understand things. Such 
is the power of man to alter the universe even to fool ourselves that we 
are not powerful. However, the present star pattern energy and its focus 
makes changes to different ways of thinking harder for the masses who 
like the familiar.
Ancient traditional history and chronology has been reconstructed 
successfully that fits the time line where conventional astronomical 
retro-calculated dates completely fail. Conventional second millennium 
BCE chronology of the Middle East suffers from a too early 5 1/2 century 
displacement caused by the separation of contemporary dynasties into a 
non contemporary up down order in the Babylonian Chronicle. The Kassite 
dynasty (576 3/4 years) to synchronize with the actual contemporary kings 
is displaced 545 years too early. The Assyrian king list manages to match 
the displaced Babylonian dynastic chronological system by inserting a 
late contemporary Assyrian dynasty between two of its own earlier 
dynasties with a few small adjustments, which kings were contemporaries 
with the realigned kings of the Babylonian system. Despite the system of 
Manetho in placing Egyptian New Kingdom chronology 700 years earlier than 
its occurrence, the conventional chronology uses the Babylonian/Assyrian 
5 1/2 century displacement to match Egyptian king records and documents 
to their actual contemporaries while out of their proper placements on 
the time line. Egyptian New Kingdom chronology adversely affects this 
period of archaeological interpretations of the Middle East.
The record of the oldest event in ancient chronology and calendar systems 
is the Deluge, which is given to have occurred in the 2nd month and 17th 
day in the Bible (Genesis 7:11). The year of the Deluge is expressed in 
terms of 25 Sothic cycles of 1460 years or 36500 years ending in the 2nd 
year of Antoninus Pius (143 CE) by Manetho and Berossos making the Deluge 
to have occurred in 36358 BCE. The Bibles Era of Adam begins at 10498 BCE 
or 8 years before the building of the Great Pyramid complex and Sphinx 
which took a century. The New Era of Adam ended in 9568 BCE or the date 
for the sinking of Atlantis. The Egyptian chronological system of 
Africanus begins at the start of a Sothic cycle at 5698 BCE, which its 
first book of 2300 years ends at 3398 BCE. The Chinese traditional system 
has the start of Shaohao reign at 2598 BCE, which again matches and gives 
the same start for Shennong 800 years previous at 3398 BCE for 500 years 
and The Yellow Emperor 300 years. In fact, 3398 BCE is the start of all 
dynastic systems around the world except for ancient India, Persia, and 
China. This Era as a worldwide dynastic starting point is the basis for 
many other dates. The Bible states that the land was divided during the 
life of Phaleg, which the Egyptians called the period `when kings of men 
ruled and not gods'. Noah was born (3037 BCE) in the same year as the 
start of the one year war uniting the two lands of Egypt. The founder 
Athothis begins the Era of Mestraim and in the 363rd year of that Era 
Egypt became the land of the two crowns. Menes cannot be Mestraim 
because Menes is known to be the founder of the first dynasty of the two 
lands. In the same dynastic line of founder Athothis king Concharis 6th 
year at the start of a Sothic cycle in 2778 BCE. The traditional date of 
the start of the 4th Egyptian dynasty is 2550 BCE when the Hall of 
Records under the Great Pyramid was closed. Another traditional date is 
the end of the reign of Tanutamon at 1450 BCE. The second book of 
Excerpta Latina Barbari (ELB) gives its length at 1520 years and using 
Cambyses II 5th year (525 BCE) as given by the Royal Canon of Ptolemy as 
the end places the start at 2045 BCE, which is the start of the Middle 
Kingdom, the end of Ur III, and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah 
that began a 7 year period wherein that land was uninhabitable. The 
Sothic cycle of 1318 BCE is also called the Era of Menophreus (Menoffire 
Ai). All these ancient synchronisms support earlier synchronisms of the 
Common Era for the end of the Byzantine Era at 1457 CE. Reconstructions 
of ancient chronologies of Greek and Roman had miss synchronizations. 
Roman BCE history was put 6 years earlier than correct while the Greek 
Olympic Era system is counted 8 years too early because the count of the 
Olympic game's use 4 years between when the game count started at 8 years 
apart for the first 3 games. The Olympic dating system was held in 
greater esteem so the Roman event of the battle of Actium in 24 BCE use 
the date of 32, 31, and 30 BCE or 8 to 6 years too early.
British chronology was moved backwards by a year by the adding of a year 
into the reigns list before the mid 16th century disturbance, which makes 
past Moon phase records better synchronize with the present mathematical 
astronomical retro-calculations. The same is done to Roman chronology in 
pushing it back by 4 years (AD 1453), which also better fits the Moon 
phase records. However, the previous placement ending at AD 1456 one 
year back like the British chronology is superior in not contradicting 
the other historical records like the pope reigns. Astronomers are 
confident that most mistakes in the records of planetary placements are 
human observational and copying errors. The work of Fomenko is the 
extreme opposite position of such views where retro-calculation and 
recorded planet placements dictate chronological placement on the time 
line. The Chinese began a historical process that opposed their 
traditional placement of the dynasties in favor of the eclipse records 
and computation. The 8th century disturbance that altered the year and 
month count of `days' in them also altered the computation of past 
eclipses. The records of the eclipses were harmonized to fit the new 
astronomical values. Past astronomical tablets like the Nebuchadnezzar II 
era must be repositioned a whole eclipse cycle earlier at 622 BCE rather 
than its present 604 BCE placement. Confucius' placement of the Spring & 
Autumn Period forced the latter dynasties to be a century closer to our 
time than true, which compressed the time given to the 3 Kingdom Period 
in order to not displace the known placements on the time line of the 
later dynasties. Cycles T and V chronological placements turn the past 
worldview upside down making past observational records the standard upon 
how to understand the past movements of the planets and stars. 
Before 5502 BCE there was in operation a single worldwide non vocal 
spiritual language, which continued after the `confusion of tongues', for 
only the most spiritually connected until 3398 BCE when `men not gods 
began to rule'. Peleg lived at a time when the Earth was divided (Genesis 
10:25). All ancient city king lists start from this Era (3398 BCE) except 
for ancient India, Persia, and China. Afterwards the network of 
interconnectedness and knowledge stopped working for man except for the 
rare great one. While the network did work for all the greatest soul on 
the planet at the time was acknowledged as the King of the World. The 
loss of the people's means of knowing the intentions of others by 
spiritual means before actual meetings made walls and fortifications of 
villages necessary after 5502 BCE. The great diversity of languages on 
Earth used for commerce is only as old as the need for them began a mere 
7.5 millennium ago. Medals before that time had different structures. 
After the change most items of the past perished. Even after the change 
the early plentiful metals of ancient times were dug up, used, and reused 
until they became so rare as to no longer exist. A very different form of 
iron technology existed and was used by the time of Joseph as the Bible 
testifies of wagons, chariots, and iron bows, which was replaced by the 
present smelting method of the 7th century BCE. 
Atlantis bent on dominating the whole world attempted to destroy Athens 
(10,498 BCE), to keep the city from supplying its invading army, by a 
charged beam directed thru the Earth. The action ignited underground 
natural gas reserves instead. The crust under the Atlantic Ocean was 
broken up and most of Earth's atmosphere was blown out into space by the 
force, which is why the amount of helium in Earth's atmosphere has been 
in accumulation (reset) for only the last 12.5 millennium. The three 
great pyramids of Giza and Sphinx were built by the remnants of the great 
civilization of Atlantis to stand forever as a testament of their culture 
and existence, which construction for a century began in 10,490 BCE in 
the age of Leo. The Sphinx was completed before the three great pyramids 
and has had ten different heads, which the original was a lioness. 
However, far more important than historical findings, the result of the 
failure of astronomical retro-calculation means that the uniformitarian 
foundations have been falsified. The planetary solar system has not been 
the same since its creation and was altered dramatically 3.2 million 
years ago. The era before the Moon was known within the traditions of 
man. Earths conventional geological time line is over 20 fold too great 
where the K-T event of 65 million years ago is only 3.2 million years 
ago matching Tom Van Flandern's new comet creation event as determined 
independently by comet orbital's. The Moons odd shaped body was created 
between the Earths close encounter with a much larger body during the 
breakup of the PC, which the author speculates was Neptune. The Polar 
Configuration (PC) planetary Birkeland current, the Axis Mundi, was a two 
way stream of current that began to be weakened due to a misalignment 
between Earth and Venus. This weakened the current flow and made the more 
distant bodies from the day Sun drag behind slightly. This behindedness 
caused the night sun Saturn to have a crescent, which timing is marked by 
the end of Earths geological Silurian period border 20 million years ago. 
Earths earlier positional order was switched with Venus generating the 
start of the Carboniferous Pennsylvania period (15.6 million years) in 
the geological record. The Earth was artificially cut by a laser into two 
equal parts north and south to separate the northern land mass 10 million 
years ago. The single land mass in one region gave the Earth a wobble in 
its orbit. After the land mass became divided, the separated parts moved 
into a more balanced and equitable displacement on the surface of the 
Earth. This put an end to the severe wobbling and an end to the threat of 
any more Earth planetary position switching, which was the reason for the 
laser planetary cut. The memory of early civilization reaches back into 
the past more than 20 million years, which means that man has racial 
memories. The mass of the Moon was torn from the Earth (Siberia) by a 
much larger body. However, this dynamic was only made possible because of 
an artificial magnetic field that was put around the Earth by pyramids 
using crystal gem technology for energy production, which was altered and 
pointed *outward to repulse during the crisis of Earths near collision 
with this overwhelming body. The geological K-T event was not generated 
by an asteroid striking the Earth. It was generated by the Earth nearly 
striking a much larger body. Mars own near encounter stripped it of its 
atmosphere and 3 kilometers of the surface of its northern hemisphere. 
The Birkeland current, which flowed both ways between the planets of the 
PC was little different than river currents in carrying capacity. The 
transference of plants, animals, atmospheres, seeds, and much more would 
be inevitable and as long as a vessel was insulated and contained 
sufficiently, like a tightly enclosed wood vessel, it would successfully 
traverse. The black bear is said to come from Titan, turtles from Saturn, 
and raccoons from Venus (GenSilver). The World Pillar (Axis Mundi) means 
"travel between the various worlds" [14]. A tribe of Bolivia the Uros 
(black blood - not men of the Earth) claim to have come from another 
planet [15]. The myth of an outworlder ferrying men for coin to the 
underworld (Mars) is based on valid physics. We can expect to find cities 
of the Dead and the graves of ancient man on Mars. Grave wrist bracelets 
could still be found in plenty. 
Rare Earth elements of man's chemical makeup do not match in proportion 
to the rare elements of the Earth, which they should if man originated on 
Earth. The myths of man make it clear that man first lived in Eden on a 
planet that was between Mars and the night sun Saturn. Eden was also 
named Paradise, Heaven, Arcadia, Shambhala, and other names. Ezekiel 
(28:13-14) and Ephraem call Paradise a mountain. The Flood topped all of 
Earths mountains (Gen 7:20). However, it is made clear that Paradise did 
not get flooded. They state that Paradise is real and circles the Moon as 
in surrounds the world (Earth centered astronomy). However, if Eden is an 
area on the Earth and only its entrance is blocked, what alternating 
(omnidirectional) flaming sword is seen today that blocks the way? 
However, can man be thrown out of Eden if Eden is a planet? Eden was in 
the orb of Saturn. Earth was in the orb of Saturn. GenSilver states that 
Earth was in the orb of Saturn on the opposite side from the day Sun. Sol 
is the ancient name for the night sun Saturn, which symbol later came to 
be used for our primary day Sun. The question being is a mirror 
anti-planet that was always on the opposite side of Sol a racial memory 
like the Moon? If so Philolau's idea of a counter Earth is of ancient 
origin and anti-Eden is Earth. Eden as a lost satellite in the plasma 
planetary solar system when coming close to other bodies by its Keplerian 
cometary orbit reacted by its own double layer plasma sheath to bounce 
itself off any bodies that confronted it. When viewed directly in front a 
planets reactive double layer plasma sheath looks like a round white 
battle shield [16]. However, when viewed on profile the thin round shield 
cannot be seen while the inner workings look like a spear or an 
alternating moving back and forth or circling sword of light. Man first 
began his civilization with a normal planetary population of between 1-3 
million on Titan which is Eden. Titan was also named Paradise, Arcadia, 
Happy Valley, Happy Hunting Grounds, Shambalah, Sheol, Aaru, Asgard, 
Folkvangi, Valhalla, Neorxnawang, Svarga, Myth of Er, Fortunate Isles, 
Mag Mell, Tir na nOg, Elysium, Empyrean, Hesperides, Tamoanchan, 
Tlalocan, Jannah, Sidrat al-Muntaha, and more. Titan was the closest 
satellite of the PC on the far side of Mars when observing the day Sun 
from Titans South pole and at Titans North pole the purple light of the 
night sun Saturn was observed.
The Earth as a "mirrored anti-planet" is an odd doubling and unneeded 
adjective. No planet can be an exact opposite and backwards or negative 
reflection of another. Since the descriptor cannot be physical, it must 
represent some kind of influence on man by the planet or environment 
itself. The atmosphere can influence man in such a way. Mines deep in the 
earth have the most cave ins during the hours of 8-9 AM and 2-3 PM during 
the day causes by the Sun tide, which the atmosphere tide is delayed 2 
hours affecting man in its rhythms causing a rest period to be given at 
11 AM and a siesta 6 hours later at 5 PM during the day. The dragons 
state that Earth is a prison planet meaning that it was designed to teach 
the most basic of spiritual lessons about wrongful thinking or a 
kindergarten class room. Man thinks wrongly, works problems backwards, 
and adds known false premises into the mix. An example being that the 
Sun's flares reflect Earth's atmospheric weather. However, man thinks it 
proper to believe that the weather on Earth is caused by the Sun. This 
despite the fact, that it is a decrease in radioactivity on the dark side 
of the Earth a day before that predicts Solar flares. The calculated mass 
of the Sun by planetary orbits is given prejudicial preference over the 
facts of which force is doing the influencing. This is a purely 
materialistic belief that is not justified by any evidence or facts of 
This influence of chaos on the mind is sufficient to keep man from 
obvious solutions to problems. However, as a learning tool it points to 
the sober of mind to exactly the problem at hand in man's large frame 
modeling. Fortunately, methods of reverse analysis can help overcome this 
particular difficulty. It is a good idea to just flip an idea upside down 
and see where it goes. However, there are additional influences on man 
besides wrong ways of thinking caused by the atmosphere of a non-native 
planet. The philosophy of materialism has a single-mindedness to it that 
is devoid of the usual diversity of opinion that the endeavors of man 
naturally have. What force holds this unanimity of ideas to oppose man's 
path to the light of God? The past negative psychic energy of man has 
built up in the atmosphere of the Earth to the point that itself became 
self-aware. This awareness can influence man unconsciously into certain 
negative pathways that are consistent in feeding and empowering this 
force to continue its existence. These reactions give this force a 
certain consistency of habits and seemingly intelligence to its 
reactions. It opposes the good acts of man that bring light and diminish 
its dark energy existence. It makes people pay an extra energy price for 
doing good works by unwanted energy attention from the world. The 
dark-energy-consciousness-of-the-world surrounds the Earth and 
intentionally blocks the spiritual light of God. The allies of God are 
working daily to remove these blocks and you are asked to do your part by 
not adding to the negativity of the world. Satan the father of all lies 
is another influence that can pop in an out if you do not intentionally 
place safeguards against him. Another source of unwanted attention that 
has historically plagued man is the demon world. The weak of mind 
that allow such low vibrating energy beings to inhabit their energy body 
because of wrongful beliefs is no longer as big a problem as it once was 
since the last Thursday of 2005 when God destroyed in one blow all 
200,000 of them off the Earth. Jesus did the same thing two millennia ago 
before his ministry. The growth of a network of demons strengthens them 
by a threefold factor. Demons are naturally generated by humans as a 
counterbalance against the energy of pure joy, which allows the 
experience of joy to stay on this plane of existence. Demons are quite 
small and cute before they grow. Witches had been able to create and or 
influence grown demons to do their bidding by changing their purpose. 
This power and many others were destroyed by God during the same interval 
of time. 
People have come to greatly underestimate the power in the Living Cosmos 
to overcome seemingly impossible odds (all things are possible with God). 
Changing your belief system changes your future. Moreover, it also 
changes your past and the past of those who had a main spiritual 
connection to your life dynamic. Time is a perfecting circle of change 
(healing). When a mother alters her worldview doing so also changes her 
offspring belief systems and all the past experiences that were based on 
those past beliefs. However, if everything becomes too difficult for man 
to overcome the worlds difficulties, there is a built in short cut to 
attaining a direct connection to the higher consciousness of God, which 
is for man to laff at his ridiculous circumstances and dream (nightmare). 
This process occurred in 1962 in Tanganyika. However, the adults closed 
it down not knowing what it meant since conventional wisdom deems such 
occurrences as psychogenic illness and hysteria. If it had been allowed 
to spread thru out the world, it would have saved humanity much grief.
It is clear that in order for science to operate for the benefit of man 
the agenda of scientism and the philosophy of materialism that is the 
basis of our fundamentalist and literal destructive fears must be 
completely exercised out of the body politic. Afterwards some system that 
allows legitimate dissent its proper voice with an efficiency that can 
force the tyranny of the majority into accepting the validity of 
differentiating and or minority factual views is required. At least the 
system needs to not be able to completely delete funding from valuable 
work. Man uses a single consensus large frame model of the physical 
universe for spiritual lessons. Evidence counts for nothing in this 
process because everyone already knows the worldview is based on false 
principles. The consensus overall physical worldview is held until it is 
no longer useful in the `spiritual realm' for repetitively trying to 
prove true a known false belief. The human psychological defense breaks 
an event or concept into uncounted splinters to process. The breaking is 
done because directly confronting the trauma all at once could endanger 
the very life of the individual and the masses. It is only after all the 
multiple parts are processed and repetitively worked out can an event be 
put back together for conscious acknowledgment. The way evidence is used 
by consensus science has nothing to do with falsifying overall world 
model frames. In fact any idea that suggests that the consensus overall 
large frame model is wrong are disproved by the consensus by using the 
lens of the consensus model in question as the standard measure against 
all ideas and evidence. This circular logic is a simple defense mechanism 
to maintain man's spiritual and emotional need for the lessons that 
processing the known false premises provides. The institution of science 
must accept multiple large frame models of the universe at the same time 
as legitimate endeavors and fund them by correct predictions without 
prejudice. Man needs to have the ability to reject ideas based on the 
facts of observation as Kepler did. Kepler rejected his own time primary 
Aristotelian ideal of the heavenly spheres moving in perfect circles. 
Paradigm change needs be just another part of the data and nothing more 
even if it is not. Moreover, man is able to use cognitive dissonance with 
full awareness and work different lines of views at the same time. 
The plasma universe is what we call electrical in nature and the shapes 
of the objects in the universe are successfully modeled by charged plasma 
in the lab and scalable. None of this is true of the gravity models. The 
term electric is a misnomer because the electron is not the causation of 
current. As Mathis pointed out Maxwell misplaced the electron for the 
photon in the cause of charge [17]. However, no supporting mathematical 
models will be forthcoming from consensus science for plasma models 
because it does not conform to the primary idea of a gravity universe. 
However, the large frame consensus model of a dead (no charge) gravity 
universe must be rejected however useful it is in ritually processing 
known falsehoods to learn `spiritual lessons' by. The source of all this 
charged current is held to be the difficulty in accepting that charge 
separation in space is possible. However, all you really need to know is 
that the universe is permeated with magnetic fields and the *only source 
of magnetic fields is current. It may help to know that we know nothing 
of current and what composes it. Electrical current we use is not a model 
of cosmic current because we make our current do work in very different 
environments that do not match the functionality of space. The Earth's 
crust is completely different than all other plasma environments. Earth 
current in the way it is generated might be like a water wheel. The 
current is the river but our work is like a bucket on the wheel. What is 
sure is that the current flows of the cosmos do not work in this kind of 
way and the Sun/planet solar system is a half broken circuit. 
The universe is inherently an environment of charge. Moreover, the cosmos 
is based on 15 planes in which the 10th perfect plane is the center core 
of all the other planes of existence. The 10th perfect plane is solid 
oxygen and current is "energized oxygen" [18], which means that electrons 
only vibrate caused of the actual current. Current flows outside between 
two wires in a coil and not thru the wires. If the Standard Model of 
physics has validity, then the God particle and gravity, neither of which 
the model predicts, have to be dropped. These two only represent human 
misperceptions. Moreover, there are only 2 sets of 7 opposing planes with 
a common center. The standard model today has 6 sets of 2 wave functions 
and an additional 2 sets of 2 wave functions for each plus the God 
particle and gravity. The quark gluon is purely a hypothetical idea on 
paper only and Mathis holds the Lepton Z boson to be just a collision 
factor. Proper symmetry of the Standard Model has 7 sets of 2 wave 
functions only. Einstein moved us towards the universality of functions 
but he could not pass the point of throwing off the illusion of the 
solidity of mass. Energy was already known to be interconvertible so that 
normal & strange energy could be exchanged. However, Einstein failed to 
fully equalize the other side of energy in the equation because mass in 
his equation is only an equivalency. Nevertheless, energy and mass are 
the exact same thing because static and potential or normal and strange 
energies or masses are just phases. Mass is only a volume of energy 
(E=m). Only when measuring the total mass or energy of the cosmos does 
e=mc^2 become useful because any large number next to mass would work. 
The radius of the universe doubled would also work so time or velocity is 
not necessary. A far more useful equation is one that would measure the 
loss or absorption rate that fluctuates back and forth. 
Quasars are nested within galaxies as their red shifts are related to age 
and not distance. This makes everything else much more reasonable since 
the bright objects are not so far away; they are not as staggeringly 
bright as the conventional model calculates them to be. Galaxy arms hold 
shape together as curved polar configurations like fans from the galactic 
centers of the nothing. This homopolar motor shaped like a fan explains 
why the outer stars in galaxies orbit faster and inner stars orbit slower 
than Keplerian dead gravity orbits so dark matter and energy are not 
needed to account for the failure of the conventional gravity model. 
Galaxies are driven by galactic Birkeland currents while stars are linked 
together by a different kind of lined Birkeland currents. Two other known 
kinds of Birkeland current exist which are ball lightning the size of a 
mini watermelon and one just below the smallest particles known. The Axis 
Mundi is a different kind of cosmic current linking planets together in a 
Polar Configuration (PC). There are many different kinds of unknown 
cosmic currents and they all change in the way they work thru time. 
Christ spiritually blinded man from the obviousness of the heavens being 
running current in nature because Atlantis abused this power and man 
needs to learn to be in harmony with the Earth and her rhythms of solar, 
wind, water, and other methods of power production. Easy access to an 
Earth power makes such developments unnecessary in practical terms. Man's 
current imbalance and disharmony leads Mother Earth to attack man energy 
wise as she does towards any entity that perform no spiritual purpose. 
AIDS, the reduction of the immune response, is a result. Earth adds her 
own energy into events like weather storms making them deadlier and more 
targeted. Mother Earth is able to heal herself of ozone depletion. 
However, man's disharmony blocks the desire of Mother Earth to do so. 
Negative thinking and spoken outbursts actually depletes the soil of 
nutrients and minerals making the food grown lacking in them. However, if 
one mined the Earth positively with low pressure hydro methods and 
managed thru good intentions towards all and required the same from those 
they did business with, the Earth would give in abundance as never seen 
before. The Sun's activity is caused by and mirrors the climate activity 
on Earth. Earth's atmosphere reflects the psychic energy of humanity and 
all living entities. If humans did not inhabit the solar system, the Sun 
would be calm without any solar flares. An out pouring of pure hate by 
man on May 10th 1999 greatly slowed down the solar systems ion streams 
for two days. No conventional model can explain with any power such an 
occurrence. Moreover, a moving ion stream is current by definition. To 
call such a phenomena solar wind is needed only to believe in a dead 
gravity (no current) universe. Moreover, the Sun is a hollow ball of 
lightning about 5 Earth masses. Gravity is likely to only be a local 
atmospheric phenomenon. The orbit of all the planets must be understood 
in an entirely new way where space is an atmosphere and the Sun is at a 
foci of a twin cell double layer negative pressure center encompassing a 
z-pinch holding everything together in stable equilibrium much as the 
lack of pressure in the center of a hurricane. A hurricane is a flattened 
sphere because of the ocean below it and a lack of a higher dense 
atmosphere above it. Structurally they are twin cells where both cells 
have double layers. The Earth is a twin cell where the inner cell is 6 
thousand miles wide inside. The nothing created by God creates all 
things, holds all things, and organizes all forms in charged plasma. 
America's future was to have bridged the 500 year alternating cycle of 
innovation in east/west hemispheres. Since America is economically power 
and idea based and not an empire, its facility in world affairs was to 
continue and grow in positive directions. The usual decline caused by a 
lack of caring and the greedy trying to not pay for their share of 
societies burdens as experienced by western Rome in the 5th century was 
to be avoided. America as a symbol represents a definition of freedom 
created by God rather than an Earthly power, unique in of itself, and in 
what it means to be free. However, the second Bush administration use of 
brute military power, as if America was merely an empire, and other 
systematic acts of uncaring designed to make others not care destroyed 
that bridge. However, the Islamic attack and their false belief that God 
would assist them in their hatreds changed the dynamic. God, insulted by 
this false belief, will not allow America's present energetic decline to 
be associated with outside attacks. God will now allow domestic attacks 
on his American Constitution to decide the matter of America's future. 
Either way China will not become the next new world super power as its 
lack of domestic freedom and fair trade openness has delayed its ascent 
until the later part of the eastern hemispheric innovation cycle. China 
and Russia break apart as is natural while Africa experiences regional 
shifting with some uniting and coming together and splitting up. 
A large part of man's problems besides false separation from God stem 
from a Calvinist ideal. The idea that the men best loved by God are the 
rich is not upheld by any scripture. Even the perfect rich man that asked 
Jesus what he lacked could not let go of the burden of his materialism to 
serve God as he had replaced God's protection with safety by material 
wealth. Therefore, it is the duty of man to regulate the super-rich in 
order that they do not take upon themselves more than what God desires. 
Any desire on man's part to add more burdens to himself when he is 
already overburdened is not sane. Today Satan wishes that companies have 
all the natural rights of human beings, which have none of their 
weaknesses in order to bring back economic feudalism in the form of big 
business running government or fascist regimes. All this with a false 
theological facade where the people are economic serfs and slaves making 
the people subservient to soulless entities serving high finance of the 
economies of the corporate world rather than having national economies 
serving the needs of the people, which produce all the labor and the 
cohesion that a country needs to survive and flourish. Also the modern 
philosophy of materialism or the belief that only solidity or density is 
a true measure of realness over time makes actual spiritual non material 
concepts like God the Spirit the source of all things much more difficult 
to connect to with his belief system. Man is also trying to punish 
himself for his past failure of obedience, which caused man to create 
death and holding himself to be worthy of enslavement. Today's racism is 
based on man believing he is worthy of enslavement and desperateness to 
place that burden on another group other than themselves. Blindness to 
white privilege is born to such unconscious thinking. 
The proper compensation for workers in business is a big problem. The 
bonuses go to the salesmen and not to those that have other important 
vital skills and talents within the company. It is already known that 
CEO's offer incentives that do not work and even harm production. Most 
CEO's were top salesmen because company survival is dependent on that 
success and those that possess those particular talents are highly 
valued. It is natural that the CEO would value this particular skill set 
as it is likely one he also shares or acknowledges as very important. 
Doing so raises the status of those workers within that company and in 
the world itself. This tie to status is an impediment to changing 
incentives that work for the entire company. However, if any CEO takes 
the vision of a broader base incentive package, he likely will lose his 
top salesmen to another company that plays the system to the salesman's 
advantage and prestige. Top pay for CEO's & top salesmen undermines the 
entire health of the company. The company will likely survive but it will 
not flourish as it could and limit its future. Individuals with different 
vital talents and skills will tire of not being acknowledged and given 
proper pay for the hard work they did and offer. They will eventually 
accept their fate within the company leave or do good anyway hoping 
beyond hope to get what they deserve. However, they will not participate 
as fully as they could and will get their fair share one way or the other 
even to the detriment of the company. A plane company that has the best 
plane in its class because of a superior engine, navigational system, and 
best overall design will temporarily dominate. Now, the plane's tail 
section needs improvements because of the higher stress put on the 
design. However, the talented person best able to deal with the tail 
section left the company because he was never acknowledged for his 
contributions at the time. Other companies match the class offering. The 
tail section falls off during flight and the company dies. A simple and 
extreme case but this kind of failure is happening within the internal 
structure of companies worldwide. A more general pay incentive program 
needs to be instituted by visionary industrial leaders and by people that 
do not need to raise their status because they are secure in their place 
in the world. Unfortunately, this has not happened because it is too much 
against human nature to lower their status within the society of the 
world. The psychological manifestation of this dynamic is that top 
players are actually trying to become the king of the world. They want to 
be the last man standing in a monopoly game owning everything. Society 
must institute a new way of buying for the public's needs by allowing 
only an elder holy man to buy. This lowers the status of company salesmen 
and makes the need for the products to serve the publics interests and 
not tied only to the profit motive. Food that is less costly and 
transports well will give way to food that is healthy, tastes good, and 
locally grown. As for pay one way to do this is give everyone a basic 
income; second tier, addition pay for the kind of work offered; and third 
tier, bonus pay. 
If the endeavor of science is to be primarily reason based that trumps 
falsehoods, evidentiary or otherwise, scientists are required to learn to 
pray and meditate on greater spiritual truths and accept multiple large 
frame models to competitively exist. Today man uses large frame models 
for spiritual purposes to ritualistically repeat efforts to prove known 
falsehoods as true until they complete processing the whole lie and 
become fully aware of it. Self-honesty thru meditation is the only path 
that can insure that observation is not a self-fulfilling belief. Large 
frame models of the universe today serve only as teaching tools to learn 
spiritual lessons with proofs having little to no importance towards 
acceptance. Certainty is only spiritually possible. Those that try to 
find fixed truths in the details of the material world in a living 
reactive QM cosmos can only fail. Pretending that science is above the 
pretensions of human religion only enslaves all to a false certainty. 
Scientism is a religion for those that hold the processes of natural 
science as their god of random. 
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Some info by inspiration 
Earths use as a learning platform for all of humanity of 12-13 billion 
will continue for another millennium. Earth will then be allowed to heal 
itself without the burden of man. The end of the Mayan Era that occurs 
before the end of 2012 CE marks a 150,000 year spiritual cycle. In the 
past on average 70% of the human population ascended to a higher plane by 
this cycle. The teachings of Christ accelerated this process to a greater 
than 90%. However, man dropped the ball again in the 13th century when 
man stopped healing the sick and raising the dead as Christ and the 
Apostles forwarded in the teachings to a then growing reliable group of 
church leaders. Earths +6 billion population represent only 44% of the 
souls of humanity. The rest of the souls (56%) lived in a secondary lower 
vibration state because of their false belief that to live was to suffer. 
God commanded that this false belief be thrown down in 2005 CE (last 
quarter). When all the souls of man are on the Earth the birth rate will 
be the same as the death rate. Couples expecting to have babies as in the 
past will be disappointed. In 2012 CE all of humanity, between 12 and 13 
billion, will be manifested on Earth. They will bleed QM style into our 
vibration state. Because man failed to forward Christ's teachings of 
command & power to all, God will provide. God has no intention to wait 
even one more cycle for all his children to come to him. God's spiritual 
fire has burnt the darkness of the world away since Jerusalem's sun 
rising Easter 2006 CE. The darkness of unknown serial killers and much 
more is gone from the Earth. The Earth will be healed so that alien coal 
(2nd) and oil (11th) will be no more. The raising of man's vibration will 
continue. A cosmic wave of heightened vibration will make nuclear power 
(atom trauma) cease to work in the near future. All that is left that 
could jeopardize the final end of the 150,000 year cycle now are 
individuals burdened with too much material prosperity, which their souls 
are unable to manage as God directs. Souls connected to God's abundance 
cannot be healed because abundance is not a disconnection to God. 
However, the world would have the `successful' misuse their abundance to 
no good end. It is the duty of society to alter the misuse of wealth to 
the ends that God intended. Two misdirects of man require the proper 
actions to overcome them. Man's greed, a state of `mine', keeps him from 
God's abundance because the universal law is that what you give out into 
the universe is the only energy that can come back to you. Lack comes 
from your own lack of giving or blocks to receiving. The other false 
belief is that enslaving minorities brings them closer to God.
Since records exist before the era of 2550 BCE and are buried in a few 
locations around the world like the Hall of Records in Egypt, a bridge 
from the 354 day calendar back to the era of records is required. 
For 50 k years the Earth had on average a 350 day orbit. Stability of 
orbit was achieved after the Exodus while the Moon, which was 3 times the 
Suns apparent diameter (caused by the Suns light), had an orbit of 22 
days. The Flood (36,357 BCE) calendar was 320 days of 16-20 hour `days' 
averaging 18 hours (hours plus or minus 5 minutes) where the Moons orbit 
was 22 of these `days'. The Atlantis calendar (10,498 BCE) for the period 
was 318 days while the Moon was absent. In 6122 BCE the year was 340 
`days' of 16 hours while the Moon reappeared with a 13-15 or an average 
14 `day' orbit, which was the origin of the Egyptian 14 day week. In 
5,114 BCE the year was 280 `days' of 22 hours while the Moons orbit was 
15-18.5 `days'. During this year the Moon switched phase placement (full 
to new) and changed the side of its face it had towards the Earth. Before 
the event of 3761 BCE, the year was 305 `days' of 15 hours, which 
afterwards became a year of 360 `days' of 23 hours. After the gravity 
event of 3119 BCE years were 365 `days' of 21 hours with a 40 `day' orbit 
for the Moon, which was the origin of the Roman 8 day week. In 2255 BCE 
the star pattern altered like a mirror image of its previous pattern to a 
year of 265 `days' of 18 hours and Moon period of 17-18 `days'. In 2114 
BCE in the days of Abram the year became 340 `days' with 22 hour `days' 
and a 14-20 or an average 17 `day' orbit for the Moon. In 2045 BCE in the 
days of Abraham the year changed to 343 `days' of 19 hours with a Moon of 
today's gray and 28.9 then 30 `day' orbit at 1/3 of today's magnitude. 
Years of 354.2 `days' began when Jacob was 14 years old (1966 BCE) where 
the Moons period was 19 `days'. Oddly, the Moon was invisible except its 
outline for 5 days while on the dark side. Calendars of 354 and 355 days 
were used. The Moon has repeatedly changed day counts for a full month 
(22 then 14 to 22 then 40 then 27, 26, 28, 29.5, 30, then back to 29.5). 
Dramatic and sudden changes in the average distance of the Earth and Moon 
orbits and day counts have occurred. The ancient Babylonians state that 
the Sun was 2/3 of the Moons diameter. After the gravity event (3119 BCE) 
the Moon had a 40 `day' orbit and the previous apparent diameter of the 
Moon at 3 times the Sun was changed by the new orbit to only 1.5 times 
the Sun. Earth orbits of 200 `days' of 30 hours and Mayan `Venus' 
calendars have held sway in the past as actual orbital periods. The Moon 
has also been in eras absent. During the days of Abram the Moons 1:1 
apparent ratio with the Sun came into being with a 28.9 then 30 `day' 
orbit. The gravity value event of 3119 BCE doubled the previous gravity 
strength. Venus changed color, size, figure, and track in 1530 BCE. 
The Suns color was yellow in the ancient past. However, it was at a 
greatly lesser magnitude, which on average was only half the Moons 
magnitude of today. The Moons was itself half the magnitude of today's 
Moon light. The Suns past light at noon was like our sunset while human 
eyes were different and could see like wolves. Before the Flood the Moon 
was orange at half its present magnitude. Afterwards the Moon was today's 
gray at 3/4 its present magnitude and 3 times the apparent diameter of 
the Sun (caused by the Suns light). Before the gravity event of 3119 BCE, 
the Moon was white at 1/3 magnitude, which changed afterwards to a lite 
blue at 1/2 magnitude and an apparent diameter 1.5 times the Sun because 
of a 40 `day' orbit. After the event of Abram (2114 BCE) the Moons 
apparent ratio to the Sun was 1:1 and the Moons magnitude was at today's 
value and white with a pink tinge. After the Abraham event of 2045 BCE 
the Moons color was today's gray at 1/3 magnitude. The Moon changed color 
to yellow half a century before the Exodus at 2/3 magnitude to orange at 
1/3 magnitude afterwards. The Suns magnitude at today's strength (Isaiah 
30:26) stayed after the 354 BCE event, which changed the year to a 365.25 
day calendar while the Moon was only 2/3 its present magnitude of a 
sparkly yellow. The Moons present magnitude stayed after Thursday night 
(Hebrew Friday) March 19th (Julian) year 4 of the Common Era on the day 
that Jesus was born. Five years previously the Sun changed to orange for 
2 centuries. At the Passion (Friday March 22nd year 37 CE) the Full Moon 
of Passover at Moon rise was in lunar eclipse and was blood red. The 
present magnitude of the Sun and Moon of today began because the QM 
intelligent universe heralds the light of the world Jesus the Christ 
coming into the world. 
Before the Deluge Earths year was 3xx days while the Moon was 22 days. In 
the year 38,357 BCE Jan 1st was a Saturx and the first Full Moon was day xx.
After the Deluge the year was 318 days while the Moon was 19 days and the 
first Full Moon of the next year after the year of disturbance was on day xx.
70 summary bullet points:
Planets in the solar system has changed order 
Titan & other satellites have disrupted the Earth in the historical past 
The standard model is sound when unencumbered by G & the God Particle 
G or gravity is not universal nor does non-charged mass attract mass 
The Cosmos is QM quantum mechanical and stars pop in and out of space 
The Moon's face and phase (orbit) has changed in historic times 
Earth's daily rotation and orbit has changed in historic times 
Mass is a volume of charge and charge is light 
Man is a processor of ideas and processes known lies 
Photon flows cause electricity and not electrons 
The shape of things in space is created by charged plasma 
Man's vision is a reconstruction based on beliefs and is illusionary 
The darkness of night is a mass illusion 
Man can alter physical matter by conscious mental intention 
Manufacturing is an endeavor of the highest spiritual level 
Signals from the cosmos controls & alters DNA 
The purpose of the bureau of establishment science is to keep science
stable & focused on its consensus worldview based on known false ideas 
Denying fact is a perfectly acceptable action by the establishment 
Education makes accepting the authority of the bureau of establishment 
science decisions a required norm 
The function of the brain mirrors the Bureau of Lies 
Everything in the cosmos is interconnected to everything else 
Bayes' Theorem is not used because it solves problems 
Symbolic logic using twelve symbols is sufficient to create both an 
effective & working divination formula & device 
The ego is a human construct and can be uncreated or let go of 
Man has racial memories of times before the Moon 
Memories are reconstructions triggered by events and not stored whole 
Church functions (talents) like an ant (cast) colony 
Lone wolves can become those that game the system for personal benefit. 
No civilization has found a way to get rid of its gamers except by 
dividing them against themselves. 
Jesus has been on the Earth since late 2012 CE and people do not see him 
because of their unbelief
The Moon has 3 actual origins, which is possible because the cosmos is 
composed of multiple planes of existence 
All naturally formed bodies are hollow
The main ratio of planetary masses 1:18 also represents the value of the 
total mass (volume of charge) in the universe given in Newton's formula 
The Third Law of Kepler (P^2=D^3) represents the ratio of two planet 
orbits & Distances compared to each other and it is also clear that 
Kepler's (D)istance is equal to 2 average mean distances from the Sun and 
not 1 as used wrongly in physics by the acceleration formula of a=v^2/r 
Truth is not valued above the establishment's consensus worldview 
Quanta is a cycle of waves 
The universe is made up of 3 connected eggs 
The Sun and the Earth are only 100 million years old 
The Deluge occurred in 36,357 BCE 
The Mahabharata War occurred in 3,156 BCE 
The reduction of the Earth's age to 100 million years falsifies the 
theory of Evolution 
The brain is not the place where intelligence is created 
The Principle is the cause of failure of a school and not teachers 
Tests are only useful for teachers to know student retention 
Pre-selecting skills or talents as being of greater value than other 
skills and talents, even if harder to measure, on tests is nonsense 
The past & present planetary order in our solar system represents man's 
psychic history where physical dislocations are not spiritually true 
Titan is Paradise and Earth is not man's planet of origin 
One of Earth's past position was on the dark side of Saturn the night sun 
Meditation can bring back harmony to man and the PC solar system 
There are energy technics of spiritual discipline that can de-energize 
negative energy & patterns in man taught by CDM 
You can protect yourself by vocally invoking spiritual protections from 
God by giving God, God's allies & angels, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit 
permission to intercede on your behalf 
Stars support man's ways of thinking and fall like rain when man changes 
fundamentally his mindset 
Velikovsky was correct that Egyptian New Kingdom chronology was 5 1/2 
centuries too early 
King lists start in 3398 BCE all over the world 
The Great Pyramid Complex began being built in 10,490 BCE 
The K-T event in geology occurred 3.2 million years ago 
The atmosphere of Mars was stripped away which was observed 
Travel from Paradise to Mars was possible and done for burials 
Earth's non-native atmosphere afflicts man's thinking backwards 
Past hate energy built up in the atmosphere influences man's behavior 
An elder that alters their own belief system also changes their young's 
past experiences based on those old beliefs and opens a new future 
based on the new beliefs that replaced the old 
Laughter is infectious and should be allowed to take over the world 
Fear must and will be driven out of existence 
No evidence has any power to change the consensus worldview of the 
establishment's bureau of science 
Charged plasma physics is the reality in space while gravity models 
completely fail to predict or model any of the existing forms 
E=mc^2 can be replace by E=m2r where r is the radius of the universe 
Quasars are nested in active galaxies 
Galaxies are homopolar motors driven by galactic Birkland currents 
Life energy on planets cause solar flares 
Racism is caused by humans not wanting to change the social system and 
only wanting to change sides of who gets treated as second class 
Consensus science is authoritarian and completely political